Thursday, September 6, 2007

round after round, dapitan finds, sew and sew

i missed blogging! been quite a while since i updated! still adjusting to shuttling from home office to office office, plus i've made a commitment to myself that i will regularly go to the gym. on my other spare hours, i think up and execute weekly LOs for the Scrappin Moms Idol Challenge (SMIC). so all that pretty much takes all the time i have on my hands already. it makes me wonder again why there are not more that 24 hours to a day...or why a person needs to sleep.

speaking of the SMIC...those pretty moms seem to be working overtime trying to cook up ways to keep their challengers on their toes! round 2 was hard but i was pretty happy with myself at how my LO turned out. that's because it made me realize that doing a page all in one color is just a cool as doing one in many colors. it forced me to experiment things i would not normally try. the LO i did titled Green is here at this gallery.

rounds 3 was another brain buster...just asking for Altered Art (from scrapbookers!) weren't enough for them. they wanted the item for altering to be REPURPOSED! my entry was a clipboard turned to a fridge memoboard. but despite the mindboggling task, i can't get over how the pinay idols rose up to the challenge. the entries are ingenious! ogle the gallery here. i initially thought my clipboard idea wasn't too hot because i wanted to do some recycled art but again i felt good after i completed it. i discovered i liked altering and would like to do it again. HOT TIP! if you like to experiment in this too, you MUST visit Dapitan St. and find Suki Market where there is a minefield of cheap items one can alter or include in altering! i wish i had taken pics of the place. maybe on my next visit. but here are some things i scored there that i would like to alter.
the nicked wooden tray i got fot P150.00, candelabra for P150.00 also. the aluminum pot for P120.00 and the stones for P25.oo each. the tray is definitely for some kind of collage work, the candelabra might be a base for a lamp i for which the aluminum pot might serve as the shade. the stones? maybe as an embellishment. the operative word here is WHEN i would be able to execute....hahaha....

SMIC round 4. 1234. 1 photo. 2 fabrics. 3 word title. 4 embellishments. hah! i thought this was easier than the previous ones. boy, was i wrong! i never thought i put so many different stuff on my LOs until i needed to count them. the photo part was easy. i immediately knew i wanted to scrap my Nanay's sewing machine especially since there was fabric involved. problem was i knew the thing was in Bulacan and i don't have time to go there. when i asked Nanay, she told me it was sitting in the garahe because she had it refitted with a new cabinet. hahahaha....happy day! so i went to town with my camera on it...yey! the new cabinet was a letdown though because i wanted to photograph it with the old beat up one. but hey, it's there and some tweaks with Photoshop will make it suitable. i just wished the LO called for a multiphoto because i loved the details of the old machine.

the 3 word title was easy. My Nanay's Singer. when it came time to put everything together, limiting the embellishments and putting in 2 fabrics were what killed me! arrrghhh! took me till 3am to finally complete last night and i must have been really sleepy coz i put in the stamped "E" on my title backwards! eeekk! oh well...but a challenge is a challenge! it ain't a challenge if it was easy right?! but boy, it is really getting tiring are this point especially since there were no more long weekends unlike the past 2 weeks. but it is over and done with. see it here at the gallery among the many beautiful LOs of the other challengers. this race IS getting tighter. if i fall off any moment now, i won't be surprised.

Raj having fun. Vrooom, vroom...

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