Saturday, March 22, 2008

know no boundaries

this layout was done as a March GDT task for Visual Creations. i so love Mitch for giving me the chance to play with those wildly gorgeous Marah Johnson papers. i have always wanted to do some layouts about my tats and piercings but i have always put it at the backburner. especially on the subject of the tongue piercing--i couldn't figure out a way to present it such that it will not look indecent (haha!)

so when this particular paper came along, i knew i wanted to give the piercing layout a shot. however, the other challenge was that this paper was actually in the Lovestruck line and originally looked like this. it had the word Love written across the top left! but i wanted to retain the feel of the paper so i didn't want to cut it up. so i took out some acrylic paints (3 shades) and a couple of Distress Inks to erase out the word and brighten up the entire paper. then i stamped out the word KNOW and added some aluminum window screen to complete my title: Know No Boundaries"...perfect for showcasing a wild tongue-out picture! haha!

i also wanted to brighten up the word Wild Side so i thought of embossing it with some bright red embossing powder. the trick was using an embossing pen to follow the shape of the letters so i can put the powder on it. i so love my Zig embossing marker now since i discovered this trick to emboss non-stamped spot images.

this is the effect
{click to enlarge}

i put my journaling on a pull-out behind the photo.

and it reads like this:

i say...“Boundaries are for sissies! Well, ok…although I am ACTUALLY a big sissy for pain, I don't let that stop me. Before I get a piercing or a tattoo, I circle the shop for quite a bit, trying to muster the courage to go ahead and do it. Why do I still do it? Mostly because, I love how the look rocks (and shocks!) and but also because I like the self-challenge of going ahead and doing something I am totally scared of doing.

Not pain, not fear, not age, and certainly not other people's opinions are boundaries for me…just as long as I don't hurt anybody else, I like rocking my world a bit. It keeps life interesting for me.”

BTW, i lost the tongue piercing a while back. i had a mouth sore so i took it out for maybe 5 days. the hole closed up on me despite that fact that it was over a year old. i intend to get another one though some time soon because making this layout made me miss it more.

That's it...thanks for viewing :-D

a couple of sneaks

i have a couple more Studio Azul LO's unposted yet. one for the Jan kit and the other for the Feb kit. here are the sneak peeks:

i hope to share with you the full LO sometime soon... :-D

Thursday, March 13, 2008

life spots: round robin layout

several months ago, CV or Christine V. threw the idea of a round robin game to the members of the Pinoyscrapbookers yahoogroups. read about it here where it was featured in Scrapbytes (the Scrappin' Moms ezine). it was such a fun game even if it took a several months to complete. i would definitely join in again should there be a 2nd round.

it so happened also that on the date i received the layout from Zabeth (the person who handed me down the LO to scraplift from), i was chatting with CV on YM. our topic lead us to how cool and funny Cathy Zielski is and then CV pointed me to an entry on CZ's blog...which led me to another blog called Twelve on the 12th. those were my sparks of inspiration for this layout. love the concept! (i used 9 photos instead of 12 because 9 is my favorite number) now, it is one of my most favorites LOs to date. i love the idea behind it! so real life. i think this would be one of those layouts i would love to look at in the future because it is like a little time capsule. yup, i am promising myself to repeat this layout every so often from now on.

layouts with the Studio Azul February kit

i am so attracted to simple, graphic lines these days so i gave it a whirl here. what's funny is that i find it soooo difficult not to fill up space with embellishment! does this mean that i am a naturally messy person?!

Journaling reads: you little babies are my second shot at motherhood. when i first had your elder siblings, mama was quite young. it was eight years after your di-tsi was born that i had you Reine, and then you Raj, only less that 2 years after that. i must admit, i am a different mother from the one who raised Kiko, Gabey and Kara. being older has brought more maturity, more involvement. i breastfed you both longer that the few short months that i did my first three children. although, your siblings are good kids themselves, i am hoping to do a better job with the both of you. although i still work a lot, i’d like to think i give more attention to you now because i realize that time will not wait for me. i have to be because you simply grow up too fast. I love you, my babies.


i think we will definitely have to stop breastfeeding by the time the next school year hits becauseRaj will have start schooling already. this is why these moments are so precious now and are must-scrap moments for me.

Journaling reads: Since Raj nonw only breastfeeds at night, he would often "negotiate" with me and say this line when he needs comforting. It means he will snuggle up to me, suckle at the breast then, i count 1,2,3. At 3, he releases the nipple. That shor moment calms him down and he give me a grateful smile. I find this totally cute and funny!

webster's page entry

this is my entry to Lasting Impression's Webster's Pages challenge. it's another rare layout of hubby who seems to be photograph-challenged. or maybe he just does his goofy poses whenever his family is around because on this "normal" looking photo, he was with his buddies. anyhoo, i enjoyed doing this one because these days, love letters between us are practically non-existent...after 20 years of marriage, it feels...i dunno, maybe a bit corny. at least for the kind of couple that we are. we were never the mushy, romantic couple even during our unmarried years. however, on the scrapbook page, it just felt right to bare my feelings. go figure. and bestfriend Nita had a great big laugh about it!

Monday, March 10, 2008

just learned to do youtube

yey! finally learned how to grab videos from the handycam and how to upload to youtube! didn't know it was so simple after all. so i'm giving it a whirl here and on my other blog. these videos are not from the handycam though but directly from the cellphone. didn't know youtube will directly process the mp4 file format from a Nokia till now. really cool.

this video was an interview by some guys from Net25 for a show called Tribe last year on a scrapbooking segment. the video was sent to me by my nephew Jasper who tried to watch the show very quietly so he can get a good capture. i was totally thrilled to see myself on TV! hahaha...i would love to get my hands on a clearer copy but i'm too lazy to call the network for it. hmmm...maybe i will one of these days.
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