Tuesday, September 23, 2008

been bad

in a sense, that is. for one thing, i'm still bad on the scrapbooking corner. still no layouts for the looooongest time. the scrapbooking juju just dried up! Nita says the best cure for it daw is for me to set down the camera first...hehehe... i think she could be right on that, too.

also, i just got me some bad-ass new tats. story here if you likey. warning to the delicate, though. it's not really gory, but it ain't pretty either. but hey, that does not even hold a candle to the truly bad-ass (and ultra COOL!) people i got shots of at this year's Dutdutan '08, the annual Philippine Tattoo Expo. check them out here.

and just because we're at it and this is a scrapbooking blog anyways, let me share with you a scrapbooking link to Inked Scrapbookers. Nina showed me this a few months ago and Cabbie reminded me of it when she heard of me getting new tats. glad to know i'm not so alone in being a tad... uhhhh... different. :-D

if you've extra time, please also visit my photo-a-day blog: http://aulim.vox.com

thanks and have a cool, scrappin' day!
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