Sunday, August 19, 2007

round 1 is up...round 2 is on...

i made it to the 27 who will go through to do round 2 of the Scrappin Moms Idol challenge. my entry is in this gallery and the title is BISCUIT- his daily fix. congratulations to everyone who made it too. to my friends who didn't, i'm sure you're half happy since the stress would be easing off. as for me, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is something i still need to figure out being a reluctant challenger myself. one thing i am sure though is that the round 2 challenge has pushed my buttons. the challenge is to scrap using only one color and its short, monochromatic! and there's so many restrictions!

this is not an easy task for me being a "color" person. Joanne argues that "...simple lang naman ito e." to which my answer was, "that's the problem, i like complicating things"...heheheh....truly this round agitates me, though i mean that in a good way. i tickles my "problem-solving" fancy. even in philosophy class in college, i tend to like the logic problems. they're like puzzles. i couldn't leave them alone till i've figure it all out even if it takes me ages to do. and this monochromatic challenge is puzzling to me...what reason is there for me to scrap in one color when i have lots to play with and my mind is conditioned to do such? so there's the rub...

i don't know yet how i'm going to solve this but i'm working on it. my mind's been in whirl the past couple of days i couldn't sleep well. i am wide awake till 4 am trying to sleep and up by 6 or 7 am. i'm usually like this when i'm working on a project back when i worked as a graphic designer...maybe it's why this round excites me. it reminds me of solving design problems for demanding clients..hahaha...could it be i'm missing that kind of work?....naaaah...

now, since i have no graphic to insert here since we're not allowed to post our LOs on our blogs until we've been eliminated, i'll just insert this blinkie by Liza:
kinda cool, ain't it... thanks Liza!...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

nakaka-senting Lolo LO...

yes, i can't help but feel sentimental as i gathered the ephemera i needed to do this layout (LO). like many things in my life, once they are out of sight, they are also out of mind. so when i stumbled upon this picture of me and my lolo (which also happens to be the title of my LO entry for the Kaya challenge blog), haay...i can't help but sigh at our quaint poses and our fingers touching. i was suddenly besieged by nostalgia which was reinforced by handling these "Bagong Lipunan" bills and coins (even if i disliked the national leader whose signature appears on them)...ahhh, those were the days when the 1-peso and the 5-peso currencies were paper bills and not coins. if i had a 5-peso bill then, it was like having perhaps the equivalent of, ummm, a P50 bill, maybe even more. i remember being able to buy goodies with a 5 centavo coin and if i had several 1 centavo coins, i could still go to the nearby sari-sari store with them and come home with some candy. peso to dollar conversion rates in the 60s were around $1.00 to P2.00... makes me wonder for a moment, how did we get this way?---no more 1 centavo coin, valueless 5 centavos, obsolete 10 centavos...heck, the cost of minting these coins are worth more than their value so now we have foreigners who smuggle the coins out of the country so they can sell it for more---and then i remember the answer, we were plundered.

can you blame me for yearning for those old golden days?...of course...sans the memory of the dictator who also imposed Martial Law for 20 years and called it Bagong Lipunan...ok, i have run on too long and am wading into things beyond scrapbooking...maybe this topic is for my other blog already :-D

i am so challenged!

it seems i do not get to make a scrap page these days unless its an imperative. if not for these challenges, i might not move along! but they can get stressful. and it thought this hobby was for de-stressing! however, once the page is done, it is always a proud moment for me, the sense of achievement is addictive.

and these days, one challenge so demanding is the Scrappin Moms Idol Challenge. it's a weekly elimination scrapping contest which culminates on the day of the Scrapfest. see their gallery here where my entry off to lala land with the thumbman is posted. it is my first time to join such precisely because i hate the stress. but how i can resist these charming moms' invitations especially since one dear member is about to leave the country? so Joanne, i must say, this one is for you. despite the stress, i have to admit, i am enjoying myself, too. i made it past the elimination round which makes me happy yet dreading at the same about mixed emotions. which reminds me that i should be starting on the LO for Round 1 due on the 16th already! i only hope all these hoopla doesn't make me mentally challenged, instead!


thanks rockin' girl blogger Nina for sending me this. hey, i'm a Rockin Girl blogger now, too!

now, i understand i should relay this to five more so i'm tagging: Marix, Leirs, CH, Donna, and Cata. Just to say your blogs rock, gurrlss!
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