Tuesday, April 24, 2007

antsy pants 2

the other day, Lee and I were talking over YM about how we often get creatively stuck when we demand too much of ourselves when we do LOs. i said, i often find my page work more satisfying when i just "let go" and just do what comes naturally. unfortunately, this does not happen often enough. since we were on this topic, we thought we would challenge ourselves to let go and scrap fast. it was around 7pm then. deadline was the next day for a new layout at 1 pm.

since all my kids were out that day (they went swimming at a my friend Tess's place) i thought i would be able to scrap peacefully. i started scouring my Photoshop Elements album for a 'scrappable' picture, found one and printed it. Next, i did some sketching for my LO. since this month's CK was sitting on my table, the cover was my inspiration. did scratch job on paper, then a cleaner version on CorelDraw. done...i went up to my scrap corner and took out my Fancy Pants stash. i thought i'd do FP since there was still time to do another entry for Nette's challenge. Boy, this was when I had the most difficult time. i couldn't quite make up my mind which paper combinations to use! then my kids came home when friends Randy and Tess "delivered" them back. i didn't get to start till 1am. i quit at 4 am and then restarted the next day (now i was playing hooky at work! good thing hubby doesn't read this blog). i was scrapping in between phone calls and client quotations. by the time we were both done it was past 3 or 4 pm!

while i was so sweating this out, it seems scrapper Lee was taking it all so easy! see her blog recount here.

finished product:
Journalling reads:
My dearest Raj, May you always find delight in the simple things in life. May you have wisdom to distinguish what you want from what you need. May you always keep the innocence. May you always have joy in your heart. I love you, Mama

Nita then commands us to submit the "entries" to her. Since this was a "completion by 1 pm" LO, and even if we both flunked the deadline, I still say I win for submitting 30 minutes earlier than Lee! hahaha...

this little activity also made me realize the importance of challenges and deadlines for me, whether it be a fun thing between friends, a challenge to myself or a legit, sponsored contest: these makes me get off my a*s and [s]crap!

Fancy Pants paper Claire de Lune; Canson cardstock; Bazzill blossoms; lace, rickrack and buttons; Sizzlit letters diecut via the Cuttlebug; 7gypsies Happiness card; stamping on transparencies with black StazOn inkpads; Glue Dots for Vellum

items available at Simply Scrappy ScrapArts store used in this project are:
StazOn inkpads, Cuttlebug machine; Bazill Blossoms; Glue Dots for Vellum

Thursday, April 19, 2007

fancy pants entry

this is also my LO quota for last week which i finished only this monday.

my nephew Jasper made a hot rod car instead of the usual sand castle during our last beach outing. his creativity and his brother Syoti's patience in doing their little project really impressed me!

Fancy Pants paper from the Vintage Summer line; base cardstock is plain blue Bazzill distressed with 5 colors of MM paints (espresso, shopping bag, wheat, cornflower, white), orange polka dot PP circle cut and edge distressed with Distressing Ink in aged mahogany; wave border freehand cut with a handheld Carl rotary cutter; diecut letters: title Hot Rod is a dark gray Bazzill cs embossed first with Cuttlebug A2 embossing folder (textile) then inked with white to raise the design, then diecut with Sizzlit Roundabout dies, after which edges of letters were inked with Colorbox (red); swirls are Nita's Technique Tuesday stamps stamped on transparency using StazOn black ink and attached with Glue Dots for Vellum; picture cut with circle swivel-knife template and Coluzzle knife; Karen Foster Biggie Brads doodled with asterisk and circles; MM black brads; gel pens for journaling.

items available at Simply Scrappy ScrapArts store used in this project are:
Bazzill cardstock, MM paints, Distressing ink, Cuttlebug A2 embossing folder; KF Biggie Brads, swivel-knife templates, Coluzzle knife; Glue Dots for Vellum

Saturday, April 14, 2007

best cutters on the block

a paper trimmer is probably one the most basic tools in the scrapper's arsenal. i had my old blue Carl trimmer for years and it was very serviceable to me until recently, when new and improved paper trimmers debuted into the scrapbooking market made me want to throw out the old one. i was suddenly noticing all its imperfections like not cutting a perfectly straight edge and the hand pressure needed to make a good cut.

after much online research and some hands-on usage of these new trimmers, here is my review of 3 of the best ones around.

the PURPLE COWS 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer
this is one of the most expensive trimmers available these days and is touted as "the ultimate trimmer for scrapbooking, photos, and paper projects". it has 2 segments, the guillotine side and the rotary cutter side which are joined together to make a comfortable large surface for cutting. it may be separated if you want to carry a smaller cutter (the rotary).

what i like most about it:
* nice and light, pleasant to carry to your next crop party. so light you can carry the whole thing if you don't mind the bulk
* guillotine part is sharp and well constructed. strong and sharp enough to cut chipboard cleanly yet the guillotine blade is safe because it does not have a sharp edge.
* already comes with 2 other blades for the rotary side: a perforating blade and a wave edger blade
* the versatility of having 2 cutters. if you are doing a lot of cutting, 2 people may work at it.
* cuts very straight. easy to use alignment guides.

my gripes:
* its lightness initially made me doubt if it is sturdy. but analysis shows that it is because the surface is all aluminum
* the color: this may be a personal and highly subjective opinion but the white and purple is not attractive to me.
* the price : this baby retails for $ 69.95 or about P3500.00 locally. but remember, you do get TWO cutters for this price


the Making Memories Precision trimmer
from the moment i laid eyes on this one, it already have a lusting for it. the initial come-on was its sleek good looks! it had rounded edges and is a sexy black and silver color. however, when i picked it up, it was NOT very light. although it folds to a comfortably smaller size, it might not be one i would be happy to bring on the road especially if i were to do a public commute. however, the crisp way it cuts paper still suitably impressed me to make me want to keep it. upon close inspection, i notice it delivers ultra precise cuts not because of a very sharp blade but because it cuts by "shearing" (same principle that a guillotine cutter does its job). this is why MM calls it self-sharpening. being a shearing tool, it does not NEED sharpening for as long as it is edges are well aligned. local price is around PHP 2700.00

what i like most about it:
* easily folds and unfolds. cool magnetic snap to keep it folded.
* i looove the effortless cutting. no hand pressure needed to slide the cutting carriage.
* super straight and precise cuts. i am very impressed that i can cut even a very thin hairline's width off my paper - super straight and oh-so-easily.
* black and silver and well rounded. very aesthetically pleasing.
* feels very solid and sturdy

my gripes:
* its biggest setback is its weight although this same feature also makes it feel solid and durable. (perhaps they should have made it out of some space age material like titanium though i wonder how much that would cost already!)
* no easily visible alignment guide. (if only MM had colored the alignment edge white or red or some other visible color instead of leaving it black...)

* no decorative edger blades available...yet. since the edges are for shearing, it cannot even DO decorative blades. however, there is a depression beyond the cutting edge with two little posts on both edges where a matt might fit. the blade carriage is also notably very wide. this makes me suspect that MM is planning to eventually come up with add-ons to this cutter for decorative blades. if this materializes, there is an even brighter future for owners of this excellent trimmer.


the EKSuccess Cutterpede
this, in my humble opinion, is THE best trimmer for people on a budget and/or scrappers on-the-go. Provo's cutesy pink and green cutter does not even come close to this one (although it tried to do a simulation). the Cutterpede does a great job of straight trimming. paper is easily loaded thanks to the hinged cutter carriage that swings up and latches down with a magnet to clip the paper. It also has a swing out arm paper guide with measurements. I found it nice that this arm also has an elbow hinge, that nicely guides the paper at t
he 6" cut mark. there are 4 optional decorative blade shuttles you can add-on to this one: scallop, wave, deckle and zigzag, plus 2 more utilitarian shuttles: the perforator and scorer. local price is around PHP 1200.00

what i like most about it:
* light but seemingly durable construction.
* flat profile that would fit a scrapper's bag easily
* magnetic swing up blade railing that lightly grips the paper to be cut
* elbowed swing out arm does not stick out too far if not needed
* the optional decorative blade carriages

my gripes:
* i wish there were more designs for the blade shuttles because my carl cutter has lots more
* considering the lower price compared to the other preceding trimmers, i really cannot ask for much more

after using and trying out each one, my friend sheryl asked me which trimmer i would rate the best. i would be hard-pressed to pick one because each has a different price and different specialties. i initially intended to keep the Purple Cows combo but because the 2 units that landed at my store almost immediately got snatched up by two good friends, i am left with the MM trimmer on my shelf. of course, i couldn't resist opening one especially since i waited so long for these cutters to arrive. i cannot say though that i am not happy with it. as a matter of fact, i am quite as ecstatic with it and do intend to keep it already. because of its smooth action cutting carriage that one needs only to PUSH instead of PRESS DOWN to make a cut, it actually makes cutting paper an enjoyable experience in itself for me. i do not have intentions of lugging it around though (considering its size and weight) but since the experience with this magnificent trimmers has already spoiled me, i think i would also have to keep a Cutterpede at my disposal as well.

ahhh...a scrapper's endless list of things she wants is indeed amazing.

Simply Scrappy ScrapArts store carries the above trimmers:
Purple Cows Combo 2-in-1 available on pre-order basis. Making Memories Precision trimmer and Cutterpede are currently in stock.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

whaddaya think?

yeehaa!...i just knew it!...
You Should Get An All Over Tattoo

Outrageous and funky
Because you should never have to choose just one tattoo

i keep encountering these blogthing-ies from my friends blogs so i finally succumbed and took one. how can i not when i saw a title like this one?!

i do have 2 tats already. still dreaming of another one. but what i want a reaaallly BIG back piece. WINGS! i'm not sure if i can deal with the pain and the laborious process of that though. but the little test seems to tell me otherwise. heh-heh-heh...

a patch-up job for batch one

here's my LO for the week. although this is all the output i can show for the long vacation, i am happy that i am still on track for my at-least-1-LO-a-week target. i started this on our scrapaholi-week day and finished it the next day.

unfortunately, it was initially less than satisfactory. i used MM foam stamps Gabby for the title with i really liked until i got to the "C". i think i slanted it way too much to the left so now it looked like an "E". I wanted to leave it as it is but a little voice inside wouldn't keep quiet that the title seem to read like "BATEH one" instead of "BATCH one".

Before the patch-up

So i took out the BG paper kit again and searched for a good patch up paper. this is what I came up with.

final result

hey, i think it turned out better than the first one despite the patch :-D and a big hurray for the paper's distressed style. otherwise, that patch-up might not look too nice.

Basic Grey Scarlet's Letter kit - using 4 patterned papers from this kit including the patch-up paper; black Bazzill cardstock as matting; brown lace, red/multicolor fiber, green ribbon, metal buttons as embellishments; Image Tree Antique Typewriter rubber stamp letters for "our brood"; Sizzix Funky Brush die cut letters for the main title; Sizzix Alpha Clips diecut in sheet brass [yup, an actual metal sheeting!]; Making Memories acrylic paint (copper) to tone down the metallic shine of the metal diecut letters; Making Memories Dater magnetic stamp; Making Memories Ornaments magnetic stamp for the ornate design on top and under the word ONE; Making Memories acrylic paint (meadow) to stamp the green ornate design [yes! it is acrylic paint...]; Colorbox inkpads (black) to distress the cut paper edges; black gel pen for journalling; EK Honeybee scissors to cut paper flower shadows.

items available at Simply Scrappy ScrapArts store used in this project are:
Bazzill cardstock, fibers, Image Tree Antique Typewriter letter stamps, MM acrylic paints; MM Magnetic Stamps, Ornaments and Dater; EK Honeybee scissors

Saturday, April 7, 2007


it was indeed a relaxing, scrappy day for myself and scrapping buddies Lee, Cabbie, Symbelly and Mai thanks to our hostess Nita and her vacationing sister's family. we had their beautiful and cool lanai all to ourselves. it was perfect for our little cropping party!

there were lots of toys at our disposal. i guess we all thought the same thing - lots of time to play. it was, after all, a whole day of leisurely scrapping in contrast to the few hours we have on occasional Friday nights and the time pressure of EBs.

aside from toys, we also had the lots of the next thing topmost on a scrappers' mind - food! Nita made sure we won't go hungry for even a second. Mai must have had in in her mind that a scrapper should always have her chocolate fix.

we had mango cake and brewed coffee for starters, adobo and stir fried baguio beans for lunch with mixed fruit as dessert, and delicious turon and refreshing gulaman for merienda. Mai brought lots of chips, Lindt & Hershey's to pick on the whole day. we were eating and scrapping by the lanai with this pretty (large for a) pocket garden and with the sound or trickling water from the bridged koi pond nearby.

as usual i didn't complete my LO (but i did complete the finishing touches on Lee's so that counts too, right?!) but, oh, to have a one whole day just to scrap AND with delicious food, plenty of scrap toys, relaxing ambiance, and most of all good company is like having a supersized sundae oozing with everything on it and a cherry on top. what more can a scrappy girl ask for?

this shows how little i know of handling a camera
--but you get the general mood, yes? :-D

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

PinoyScrapbookers' EB minor - 04.01.07

a week before, i wasn't quite ready for an EB. but since we were having minimeets at Nita's place and having a blast, PS mod Lee thought it was indeed high time for a full scale EB especially since a long vacation is coming up. this could get everyone's creative scrapping juices flowing making this long vacation a potentially highly productive one in terms of LO output.

so despite the short notice, we went ahead and announced an EB for the coming weekend. good thing Mommy Edna B. was such a helpful person and arranged a venue for us. i didn't think many people would be attending on such a short notice so i thought we would just have a loosely structured get-together--have some chihakan, maybe scrap some pages this time--and that would be it. i was so surprised that 24 people signed up, most on the last minute as well. this is not to mention those who just dropped in to say hello and chatted with us for a while.

so now i have resolved to myself that the succeeding EBs after this shall be more organized. it is only by experience that we learn and i really have a looong way to go in terms of the party department being the non-social person that i am. (yes, i know...i doesn't seem so...pero it's true! :-D)

inspite of the lack of preparation, fun was still the order of the day. it is always great to see old friends and see in person the people you have been friends with online. we had Joanne, the cutting queen, in the house who gave us a demo on how she does her impressive cutwork. of course, the cuttlebug demo was also a hit especially since the cutting queen also owned and lent us her magnificent A2 embossing folder collection and showed us what it can do.

we learn a lot viewing other scrapper's albums and projects because we get the chance to ask them in person how they do their techniques.

we had a silly flower "poker" game, brought about by buying 3 tins of Prima flowers and splitting them between 5 persons. this is actually one of the advantages of attending EBs and having lots of friends who scrap: you get to split big packages of paper or embellishments with them so you don't have to buy the whole set!

i also did a little demo on using Ranger's Distress Inks, the only slow-drying dye ink that i know at this time, which makes it embossable and blendable and Ranger's Distress Embossing Powders. i just love both products!

we weren't able to scrap (as usual!) but again, i resolve that on the next EB scheduled on May 6, we absolutely HAVE to scrap! we must come home with more than just products we have bought. We have to come home with at least 1 page done.

So there you have our little fun day...view more pics here to go directly to webshots or below to see the slideshow.

PinoyScrapbookers’ EB Minor - 04.01.07

Monday, April 2, 2007


there have been so many things i want to blog about this past 2 weeks but just so hard to find the time to blog about life when one is so busy living it...haaay...

one of the perks i had the previous week was my birthday and my completed BG LOs. if you have been reading up my posts on the yahoo groups i am on, you would know i am pretty much afraid to cut up and use my BG papers. they are just too darn pretty to use! i had to build up the courage to finally use them because i recently realized that my paper stash is building up which is NOT putting them to good use. so i really had to force myself to finally cut them up. here are the results:
click to enlarge and read journaling

the above page is a hybrid of a Valerie Salmon sketch used for the recently concluded 'sketch and scrap' challenge and the February BG sketch. a scrapper friend, Jeannie, incidentally showed me the Valerie Salmon sketch a day before the deadline. i loved how it looked so even if i knew i won't be joining the challenge i went ahead and worked with it. reading the BG newsletter at the same time probably influenced me as well in doing this LO because it also looks like the sketch on their Feb issue.

Basic Grey Oh Baby Boy papers; cut in strips; red mini brads; one side was hand-stitched with the aid of the Simply Scrappy Deckler and Stitching guide for easy hole alignment; photo and circle cut with Simply Scrappy big circle swivelknife templates and Coluzzle knife; photos edge distressed with white stamp pad ink; buttons and lace added; Sizzix Vowelplay diecut letters; Prima flowers, metal embellishments; Karen Fosted Biggie Brads; journaling written on transparency (i couldn't summon the courage to write directly on the paper!)


since i had more photos of this day and still had some scraps, i decided to make it a spread. here is the second page using the same line of papers:

click to enlarge

had major fun doing the many diecut letters here largely because by the time i got to doing this one, my new Cuttlebug had arrived!

story behind LO: this one is a bit funny. we were having fun watching Raj enjoying blowing out his candles nga when his mischievous sister Gabey played a prank on him by nudging his head to the cake after he blows the candles out and putting icing on his face. siempre pa, nagalit ang birthday boy at umiyak. then they have this silly shouting banter that always happens after such kulitan.

i used a sketch from BG's September newsletter; Basic Grey Oh Baby Boy papers; cut in strips; used scraps cut up from previous page and each piece edge distressed with Distress Ink pad in Marigold and Colorbox inkpad in blue; lots of diecutting for the looong title; letters glued down with Sakura Quickie Glue then doodled around it with black gel pen; stitching same as previous LO but this time in zigzag; prima flowers, metal embellishments and buttons added last

after i completed the LOs, i then thought i should at least try posting it on the BG gallery. baka sakali lang maka-chamba. i posted both thinking there would at least be twice the chance that they would pick one. so i was pleasantly surprised when they picked both. thanks Nina for the tips you gave regarding using their sketches. mukhang it works nga! now, i have bragging rights that i, at least once, landed on the BG roster (shortlived though this may be). kewl!...hurray for the simple perks of a scrapper's life...

items available at Simply Scrappy ScrapArts store used in this project are:
Big circle swivel knife templates, Deckler and Stitching Guide, Distress Ink pads by Ranger, mini brads
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