Thursday, March 22, 2007

cool new header

just can't seem to make something my home till i've customized it to my liking. i also tend to do this when i get new computer. i just have to tweak how it looks before i call it mine. i think many people have that syndrome. pretty much like a dog marking its way around it's new territory. i'm not named AU without a reason, i guess.

so now i am finally happy that i got around to making a header of my own and managed to hack into the html (which is not really my forte), to get it to work. that took a few hours of my geeky life and away from the gym where i should have been. will just have to work extra hard tomorrow. happy though that this cyberplace is now looking more like home to me. now i can go watch the AI results...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

bling pages

since i am on the subject of making pages, here are my latest LOs and my first LO posting on this blog. they were finished a couple of weeks ago but scanned just today. this was done in the spirit of the 3BIAR challenge at but i just couldn't resist putting on the bling-blings which i knew were not permitted according to the rules so i just went ahead and completed it but never joined it in. this is probably the first time i ever used the same paper line twice! i have an older, still unposted LO (will post that later, katamad kasi mag scan!) using this paper. so that challenge had double potency for me although didn't formally join it. :-)

my thanks also go to scrappin' mom Joanne for encouraging me to do some paper cutting. demo-han ka ba naman like it was just too easy! well, it actually wasn't at first but it definitely made me want to try it and when you're there pala, you just have to finish it... parang di ako makakatulog kung di ko tatapusin. kaya ayan ang resulta.

i am including a "deconstruction" as my friend Lee always likes to know how things are done. personally, i also like looking at mags and books for this reason and i do appreciate it when detailed descriptions are included. i hope you like it, too. here goes...

click to enlarge
DCWV cardstock base from the Brights stack; patterned paper by 3bugs decorated with round and flower crystal blings; black scallop border made with BG notch and die tool tips and a hammer and punched with Carl's heart hand punch; 3bugs stickers mounted on diff colors of CS then cut with scallop and shortwave scissors. Flowers on round base are cut from pattern paper and mounted on CS. all these were circle-cut with Simply Scrappy circle swivel knife templates. Stampendous clear acrylic stamps used for the butterflies decorated with Sakura Souffle and Aqualip pens. Insect tracks were done with clear stamps from Craft Express.

Sizzix Fun Serif Dies on ordinary chipboard painted (to provide base color and seal in any acidity) with pink MM acrylic paint then heat embossed using Top Boss clear inkpad and pink glitter embossing powder

click to enlarge

DCWV cardstock base from the Brights stack; patterned paper by 3bugs decorated with round crystal blings; black scallop border made with BG notch and die tool tips and a hammer and punched with Carl's heart hand punch; Sizzix diecuts (architectural dies) glittered with transparent glitter and Art Institute Dries Clear glitter glue equipped with a fine tip tool (without which it was really messy), flower blings, 3bugs sticker mounted on black Bazzill CS cut with scallop scissors.

Title: Sizzlits Girls are Weird, pink DCWV cardstock, cornflower blue MM acrylic paint, black .3 and .5 gel pens

additional tools used: Tidy Tray, heat gun, Simply Scrappy circle and square swivel knife templates, Coluzzle swivel knife, exacto knife, dater.

items available at Simply Scrappy ScrapArts store used in this project are:
DCWV Brights cardstock stack, flower crystal blings, Art Institute glitter, Art Institute Dries Clear glitter glue, Art Institute fine tip tool, Tidy Tray, Coluzzle knife, Simply Scrappy swivel knife templates and Bazzill cardstock.

one LO a week

last saturday, i got me a new set of papers. BG's Stella Ruby. In it are 18 12by12's 1 diecut tag sheet and 1 sheet of letter stickers. 18 sheets! That means i can do at least 6 pages with it if i consume 3 papers/LO on an average. and that is not counting the scraps that come out of it.

i think i have the disease that almost every scrapper(hoarder!)i know has. Stocking up on too many papers and doing too few pages. and since i have long since stopped fooling myself that i will not buy more, i have simply come up with the resolve that i shall stick to a plan: to scrap at least one page a week. considering the current workload and regular activities i have, this is not really that easy. but writing it down here commits me to it even more.

so there, i have said it! not that i will not forgive myself should i fail, but there must at least be a good reason if i do not come up with the desired results for a particular week. so if i just count the new kit, that is already 6 weeks worth of work. and i still want that scarlet's letter kit, too. and if i were to consider that pile of papers that i already have... arrrrgghhh! even more reason to go simple scrapbooking or freestyling if that will help me scrap faster. so standby peeps and see if i can do this... even i am curious if i can indeed do it...

thanks Pia for sharing with me some of your thoughts and scrap work habits last time we met at the EB and Ria for her Scrapbytes article that drove that thought home.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

scrapbytes march is up...

yey! it's up! scrapper pals, don't forget to visit the Scrappin Moms E-Zine SCRAPBYTES . again it's loaded with great scrapping tips and info. And of course, Part 2 of my article on acrylics "Clearly Beautiful" is included there too. it's a visual step-by-step on dressing up the latest product, 3-inch acrylic monograms.

just in case you missed Part 1 of it, click here.

thanks for reading!

melinda doolittle does a lot!

this woman is just magnificent! her past two performances on American Idol were phenomenal!... although Lakisha (the ONLY other contender) has a great voice, Melinda's voice is equally great plus she has the added factor of being original in her treatment of her performances. if Lakisha doesn't come out with something fresh this week, she is toast.

Check out these videos:

please...if you can show me the way to the lyrics for this song...i'd just love to scrap it! especially since march is womens' month.

this other video is from the other week. [wo]man! this woman reaaallly rocks!...well not that it's a rock song...uhhh...but you get what i


the way she sang this old standard blew me away. if she has an album now, i'd buy it already!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

bitter/sweet - life with the scrapping community

it's like a "rollercoaster ride" as Nita amply puts it. happy news then sad: Nette's son Miguel's precarious surgery and subsequent successful recovery, Honey's mom's cancer, Kitkat's dad's stroke, Em's happy pregnancy, then suddenly Diane's Huey's passing. thinking about all that is enough to make me feel drained.

the local scrapbooking community is so interconnected thanks to the power of cyberspace. not only that, we also do get to see each other face to face thanks to well coordinated EBs. but as with any community it has its boons and its banes. i count as a boon to be in touch with so many people, be able to share in their lives and share mine with them as well. and then, it may be a bane that you sometimes find people you do not like too well. however, there are definite jewels in the lot that i am willing to sift though the sand to find them.

hmmm... let me change that last statement even before i finish this little musing. i think everyone IS interesting. and not just the jewels--people who i absolutely rave about--but even those who... let's just say... are not my favorites. even the, uhhmmm, basalt rocks (gee, what a geek!) offer a certain color to my life's palette. from them, i learn how not to be or what not to do. besides, in any community of varied people--be it a corporate scene, a working environment, one's relatives, and yeah, a group of hobbyists--there will always be intrigues and [what a friend calls] politics. unless one is living like a hermit, it is unavoidable and intrinsic. i even dare say, a necessity, because, in encountering all sorts, we get to enjoy the good company yet learn the important values of tolerance, patience, and even open-mindedness, when we have to deal with those we find more than a bit unsavoury. so if you come to think about it, it really is all good.

been sitting too long here in front of the computer. i think i should go out and get some sunshine now... oh shoot, it's raining!

Monday, March 5, 2007

feeling good today...the way i always do when i get a new toy. just got my BG Notch and Die tips courtesy of PSer Christine V. (who got a double on her order so she disposed of one) thanks for selling it CV!

to top it off, she even directed me to this CK video link which reaaaally got me hyped.

certainly a great buy considering i have been holding off on getting the full set... i'm so glad i did now that i know all i need is my old hammer and these tips. just gotta luv online friendships...kisses to you Christine!

another tool that tickled my fancy last night was this thing called the Tidy Tray. i was set to put some bling on my LO with some ultrafine glitter (love how this looks but hate working with it because of all the glitter flying around), and i thought maybe it would be a good time to break out my new Tidy Tray, which i originally intended for embossing powder. it worked like a charm! no more paper which the fan (almost always!) blows away just when there is powder in it. less glitter all over me and more on the LO and back inside the jar! Love it! i laid a strip of glue on the item i needed to glitter, put it on the tray and poured glitter on it. after that, i removed the glittered item away to let it dry and just poured back the loose glitter into the jar. all one needs to get it working best is a soft brush so one can really get all those loose powder or glitter off the tray. so Nita, quit doing taktak to the tray pala. [saw you doing this the other night :-)]Use a 1/2in soft brush and i know you'll love how neat everything is.

this is the hole that comes with a plug for when you don't want stuff coming out of the tray yet. this tray may also be used for bead projects aside from embossing powder and glitters.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

mini EB at Nita's

we had another scrappy good time last night at Nita's place. there was causeway chinese take-out dinner and yummy dimsum courtesy of Nita (doncha just luuuvvve my bestfriend!). food is a must on these intimate gatherings of course with scrapping as an excuse. i must say, i at least, got started on my LO. i'm am still working on it now and it will be posted as soon as it is done.

since i do not usually bring a cam, i just swiped this photo from Cabbie's blog :-)

attendees last night, other than myself and Nita, were Lee, Cabbie, Joyce and new PSer Mitch who i hope didn't get culture shocked by how candid and noisy we were. activities started off with eating dinner, then some shuffling around of paper, peeking into Cabbie's beautiful album and mini albums, eating, a bit of scrapping, more eating of dimsum, picture taking, some early goodbyes, eating lee's delicious brownies, watching american idol, before it was time to really go home. by then it was already way past midnight.

overall, it was a super great day! i even got to take home leftover dimsum! yum! i wonder where the leftover brownies went...i wish i had taken them home too as they were scrumptious. if only i wasn't having that asthma episode about the time we were fixing to go home...

here i go again...

i'm jumping on the bloggin' bandwagon... again...

i have 2 other blogs actually, but i can't access them anymore because it's been so long since i have posted that have forgotten my passwords and even account names... so for posterity, i shall just include a link to them and just start anew with this one...

most of my scrappin' friends have one. and since i occasionally read their blogs to peek into the goings-on in their lives, perhaps it's only fair that i should let them peek into mine. so here goes. i only hope that what i have to say would be as interesting as theirs are... :-)
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