Monday, October 29, 2007

cabin fever part 2: blue lady

not everything was all bad for me the past week. despite the lows (missing Joanne's despedida and my baby boy catching dengue), i think i hit a great big high, too--perhaps as high as they come scrapwise. i won the DT spot for Studio Azul! Ooooweee! so now i am officially a Blue Lady for the next 6 months. Nita was kidding me that the title doesn’t suit me at all. for one thing, hindi daw ako “lady”. secondly daw, my color is hardly the calm and serene blue. i am more of the “green” kind daw kasi...loka talaga itong bespren ko e.

i was hesitant at first in putting in an entry and i wasn’t sure if i had enough time to make the deadline. Mia and Tin were asking friends to join and when i got some messages from Tin and a call from Mia, i gave it serious thought. i realized also that i had a possible entry already almost done. there was this layout i haven’t posted yet that answers to their requirements. i just needed to tweak it a bit and it would be ready. i initially made it as an entry for the Kaya 5 challenge but it didn’t make the deadline. that was probably serendipitous. here it is.

i love it when i am able to use my scraps. although most papers here came from BG’s Infuse line, i also used here some Prima paper and K&Co scraps from previous projects.

Journaling reads:
The best things i admire most about my mother are her courage, her tenacity, and her dark head of hair. Despite being 73, she still has mildly salt and pepper hair which she does not even bother to dye. I certainly hope physical attributes as well as strength of character are genetically transmittable :-D

this stint is my first ever DT duty and, heck, am i ever so nervous! however, at the same time i am excited especially since Studio Azul's kits are oh, so yummy! i hope i do it justice. thanks so, so much Tin and Mia for giving me a chance. here is a blinkie i got from Tin. to borrow from my lookalike (ahem!), Paris H., "That's hot!"

Sunday, October 28, 2007

cabin fever part1: joanne

2 days in the hospital with my dengue-stricken little boy is giving me a bad case of cabin fever. been wanting to do some blogging but unfortunately, the room where we are is too far from the wifi transmitters so i cannot connect to the net. fortunately, the computer occasionally picks up an unsecured transmitter and i can do some "sneaky" internet time.

the past week has some pretty steep highs and lows for me. one of the lows is being bummed out for not being able to see Joanne one last time before she shipped out to Australia. i was sick then and hubby wouldn't let me out. so to at least have some "Joanne" time that same day while all my friends were spending real time with her, i went to work on the project i intended to give her before she left. the Scrappin Moms had given out a bulletin that they were going to present her with an album of 8 by 8 layouts and anyone who wanted to send her off with one can submit on that day. since i wasn't able to work on it that week due to being sick, i thought that same day as the despedida party (where i was not at) was the best time to do it. it was the closest thing to a hug i could give her personally. i sent it later by mail.
it's an 8by8 clear acrylic which i hope she can hang somewhere in her new home (your new scraproom, maybe?). i felt it had to be an acrylic project so Joanne can clearly associate it with me :-D i put our 'together' picture hidden so she can decide to put it up without me being in the way.

hugs to you my dearest Joanne. i think you clearly remember how you have been instrumental in all things scrapbooking in my life -- from the time we met at Scrapfest 1 to my memorable SMI journey-- and how you fanned my scrapping addictions. no matter what i say, you know i don't regret a single moment of all that. soooo glad i met you. and even if you are far from me physically, i know the friendship will go on. maybe one of these days, i will give you a hug in person again.

Friday, October 19, 2007


been sick most of the week (fever due to strep throat) and i am not happy i probably cannot make it to friend Joanne's despedida in Makati tomorrow. and speaking of sick, you might like to visit my other blog to see my nonscrapbooking thoughts. a warning though--it's not a happy post after today's explosion at glorietta. my heart goes out to those caught in that tragedy.

Friday, October 12, 2007

inque me up!

the moment i set eyes on these babies, i knew i was doomed...i think they are next big thing in rubberstamps. why? these rubberstamps by Inque Boutique come in cuuute colors (not just the usual red or black): green, violet, pink, blue rubber colors AND they have an image index at the back so, even if they are not clear, when you mount them on acrylic blocks, you can approximate where your image will go. of course the ubiquitous clear stamps available these days are easier to position being ultra clear but i would prefer to invest my money on RUBBERstamps hearing that they actually last longer than the clear ones. oh, and speaking of money, these cool, cute, compact rubberstamps are CHEAPER too! how can it get better than that? Mitch retails the big ones for PHP600.00 each, the midsize ones are PHP175.00 and the small square ones are PHP50.00 each! you will definitely go home with more than one!

so yesterday, Nita and i lie in wait, ready to pounce, at the fresh shipment that we heard might arrive at Mitch's place. under threat of her life (haha!), we had instructed Mitch (owner of Visual Creations) to call or text as soon as they come. as soon as the text came, Nita and i flew!

these stamps are soooo worth it's price. don't forget to get your Simply Scrappy acrylic blocks, if you don't already have them, to mount these stamps. Mitch has those too. i suggest you run to the store now or you won't catch 'em. happy stamping!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

scrapfest 4 Xperience

truly an Xperience because scrapbooking-wise -- it was eXtreme! the day started out quite inanely with me carrying an absurd amount of luggage--1 big rolling suitcase, an overnight bag for my Cuttlebug, 2 shoulder totes, 1 bursting AMM tool tote and 1 big box with Simply Scrappy merchandise for Visual Creations. Tin was kidding the day before that we would probably look like donkeys and i think we did.

i was making a lot of friendly talk and having a good time meeting people i only see during events but nagging deep inside was a little fear for the upcoming face-off between the SMIdol participants. of course seeing some shopping goodies worked a long way in keeping my mind off my apprehension.

after lunch, we were called to settle. the contest was about to start. they passed us our mystery kits. Liz announced at the mic prior to this that she was expecting a loud squeal from me when we see our kits and i then understood why. the big lot of 12 by 12 clear acrylic sheets the Scrappin Moms ordered from me were to be used on us! it didn't occur to me then because April took down names and quantities at Scrapbukan's event so i thought this order was for them.

we were given 1 hr to plan and shop for the LO and 3 hrs to scrap it. this was my first time to do a project on a clear page ever even if this was a Simply Scrappy product because it was new. i haven't even launched it yet and the Scrappin Moms had the first order. so we had this kit that also contained 3 2sided patterned papers (PPS) 1 yellow flower, 4 eyelets and a strip of black adhesive fabric. my first reaction other than the surprise at the acrylic was thankfulness that the colors were oranges and greens. it was because i took a risk with the photos i brought to scrap. although i desaturated the colors making them more easy to blend with colored PPS, there was a prominent color, a reddish orange because of the santan flower. it was great that my photos will not clash with the PPs given to us.

my heavy luggage was not for naught after all because i was able to use the embellishments i brought along (laces, eyelets, ribbons and journaling cards). but the key tool i used for this particular project was my Crop-a-dile! ooooo...i can just kiss it! Pia said "...maximize the full creative potential of the acrylic"-- and because of the Cropadile, i was able to do that because this tool cuts through the acrylic! with a clear base (the acrylic), double sided PPS and eyelets in the kit, it occured to me that i can maximize the creative potential by using BOTH sides of the acrylic since the 2-sided paper will show through on the back side, too! the technique was to limit the use of glue and this was how the Cropadile was important. i would attach via eyelets so the backside will be clean. another challenge here was how to position everything such that the backside will be as utilitarian and pretty as the front side. it was NOT easy because there were positions that looked good in front but looked off at the back. but, again, it felt like a puzzle to me and that was the key to get me really going for it.

luckily, in good time, i was able to figure out the self-imposed puzzle. the pieces fell into place and i started assembling. the 3 hours went by so fast but i was able to glue down the last flower before time was up! i made it! i had low hopes of winning when Scrapfest started because i failed my practice LO time. this is why finishing was my ONLY personal goal (i felt it would be worse not to finish at all) and that being so, i already felt like a winner! the game was done for me right then already because i conquered my own weakness. i was so elated...and i had a back-to-back LO which made me proud of myself. here is my finished entry:

here is the front side...

...and this is the back side of the LO
the only things actually attached to this side is the picture,
the flowers and the blings. all the rest were from the front
showing through at the back

other than myself, i was soooooo proud of dearest friend Nita too! she even finished first among all of us. and this was a person who was almost as slow as i was! to top it off, her LO looked fabulous! right there and then i knew we both got what we went there for. we came. we saw (the kits). we conquered (ourselves). it cannot get much better than that!

when elimination time came, the fears came back all over again! and it was not because i was hoping to win any (i was already a winner in my book remember, no matter how the contest turns out) but the Scrappin Moms were so goooood at building suspense! they did the eliminations American Idol style with matching identical dialog "{names}, you are safe!"...aaarrrgghhh! so that's how it felt, standing on stage and being called this way! i tell you, it was emotional!

then when the final 3 were called and i was still standing there, i was floored! weeeee! that meant i had a secure prize to take home...hahahah! how's that for a capper to a wonderful day! Cabbie won the Grand Prize title and i couldn't be happier. she truly deserved it because all through out the rounds, she had great technique and outstanding layouts. not to mention that she is a very good friend and Friday night scrapmate. the other runner up is Tin, who is also a good friend and is someone i admire very much for her funny wit, sweet disposition and artistic talents. gosh, there's probably no better ending to this suspense-filled yet lovely day.

Pia kiddingly interviewing us why we should be the next idol

my fave shot of the day: the moment Cabbie wins! what a capture by Jeff Lopez

my great big bear hug from the IDOL!

the top 12 - segment 1

the top 12 - segment 2

"thesis defense": the scrappin moms asking as to explain our LO

the Picks of the Week awards

the Idol and Runners-Up with the Scrappin Moms

probably the only sad note to the whole exercise was that we had to say goodbye to a dear scrapper friend Joanne who is about to embark on a new life in Australia. i just have to console myself with the fact that the internet will at least be a way to keep in touch with her. Joanne is a visionary and celebrity in the local scrapbooking community and i know that even if she is far, she would probably still be making waves to "get the Filipinos on the scrapbooking map". indeed, if not for my fondness for Joanne, i would not even have joined the SMIdol challenges. i started out doing it for her but ended up doing it for myself and learning and overcoming my weaknesses along the way. and the best part of all is that i made friends and met more talented people who i would otherwise wouldn't have known had i been locked up in my own little scrapbooking world. but you see, this is how Joanne operates and touches other people. she is one true scrapbooking angel.

for sure, next year's Scrappin Moms Idol Challenge will be as exciting and knowing these ladies, they would probably outdo themselves. i shall be eagerly and happily watching the new batch then for sure. the Scrappin Moms will definitely take them for a great scrapping ride...and it's all so worth it.

photo credits: Jeff Lopez, Au Lim, Michelle Sonza

below are a recap of the LOs that got me to the finals. it can finally be posted.

practice LO

since i knew my weakness was being too slow and because our little group was curious if we could finish at all, we made lambing to Mitch if she can play along with us and assemble for us a kit we can time ourselves with. fortunately, she humored us. big thanks to Visual Creations for having such a talented and sweet shop owner. the contents of the kit were 1 American Crafts paper (Artichoke), 1 Tres Jolie (Birthday Boy), 1 7Gypsies paper (Family Documents), 1 pc. 7G Typewriter Words (Grow) from the Baby set, and a piece of ribbon. the instructions were to use everything in the kit but you may add more. so to it, i added brown Bazzill CS as base and the lace. For scalloping the orange paper, i used the big scallop side of Simply Scrappy's Scalloper One template which may also be bought from Visual Creations. Here is the outcome:

i wanted to see if i can do it in under 3 hours. i failed because i finished in 3 hrs and 25 mins. i did learn though that i should not look at my neighbors' LO because it intimidates me (hahaha!) and that i should not think too much because it will slow me down. although i love the diecut letters, too (QK Studio), it's not a very good idea either if under time pressure, i think. although this is probably a borderline thing because Nita did diecuts on her idol entry at Scrapfest and it looked fabulous.

Journaling reads: Every mother doesn't want to see her child cry but I confess I find pleasure in being there to kiss his tears away and wrap my arms around him until he is ready to smile again.

Monday, October 8, 2007

fun at SE EB and Scrapbukan's sale

i do not always go to EBs without my friend Nita since she is usually my ride. Nita was not available that day but ever since i read in Scrapbukan's post on the PS and SE groups that they have the new BG papers in and they are out on sale at SE's EB, i just had to go! (peace my SE friends, of course i wanted to see you too!). i really only wanted to get the Obscure line but i just couldn't resist the Recess set. i finally went home with some loose Mellow papers too! i just couldn't resist taking advantage of the discount given to SMIdol participants. now, if only i could scrap fast enough to finish all of them.

i really enjoyed having the chance to mingle and get to know better some lovely people. there was a game where we were grouped into 5's (but in my group's case, only 3) and were asked to pose for pics. those pics were printed immediately and we were asked to group scrap it with some kits and embellishments we hunted down in another game. it was so much fun! i loved spending the time with some very nice ladies: Dinah, Ria's SIL, and although i already knew Karen Co, it was the first time we spent a longer time together. we even won 2nd place with our group LO. i never realized a group scrap was so much fun. here is our LO which we did in an hour.
thanks Dinah for sending me the pic. it was a great day with you guys. and thanks to Ria too for lending us her stamps and inks that day.

the PS EB - sept.09.07

i am more than a little behind on my blog posts so i shall now try to keep abreast. here are some pics from the PinoyScrapbookers' EB last September 9, 2007 at our usual venue in Pasig.

As usual, lots of fun here. Demos from Cabbie(altered art), Jeannie(folding mini album), Mitch (mini album) which we intend to do a step-by-step of on the next EB. i also did a mini demo on using crackle medium.

Studio Azul of Mia and Tin also launched their beautiful limited edition kits then. Those are must have ladies! Snag yourself some of those yummies.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


this was probably the sound i made as i hit the floor after Lee broke the news to me. "Congrats Ms. POTW" she said"'re Ali's pick of the week!" well ok, i did not fall down (ma-drama lang ako...hehehe) but i could have, being as surprised as i was. good thing i was in the office because i have to keep some composure. besides, i was only half-believing it. i have no proof yet that Lee was not kidding.

i run to the computer to get into the Scrappin Moms Idol website but no matter how i refresh the page, it won't load the updated Pick of the Week section. i called Lee again to ask if she wasn't pulling my leg. So she read to me what the column says:

this previously concealed picture is now unblurred after SMIC finals 10/10/07

a few minutes later, YM messages from Cabbie, Mia and Sym popped up the screen and messages other friends came through the cell. only then did i really start believing it. it's funny how other (nonscrapbooking) people cannot grasp what my excitement was all about but it's quite a different feeling knowing an Ali Edwards actually read and picked my LO. {squeeeeee...} it was even more pleasing since i really didn't expect much. all the entries were magnificent. there was so much heart, so many funny and touching stories. besides, i knew that my LO was one a judge might either like a lot or hate a lot...hahaha..."non-traditional" as it was with its extra-long journaling and daring pictures. i guess this was really just the luck of the draw kind of thing. Makes it really worth going boldie though...ahikhikhik!

but seriously, just the comments i got from people who said they were inspired by it were quite a reward already. an LO like this is not something i would probably willingly share under other circumstances but if someone out there somewhere is moved by it or benefits from it, i think THAT is an even bigger reward!

Monday, October 1, 2007

what a journey!

i think i made personal scrapping milestones in the last 3 rounds of the SMIC (Scrappin Moms Idol Challenge). first off, in round 4, i finally achieved my only scrapbooking goal for this whole challenge: to at least go home with a prize. however, i consider it virtually impossible for me to dream for the grand prize. i have never finished an LO in one sitting, much less complete one in 3 hrs. and while being watched! arrgh! It's simply not in my "powers" to finish i think. so my only chance for a prize is to make Pick of the Week (POTW) in one of the rounds...and woohoo!...i made it with the LO My Nanay's Singer! my thanks to Ms. Anne Langpap for picking my LO. after this, i can be eliminated and still be happy about it. i have already made it to my goal.

this previously concealed picture is now unblurred after SMIC finals - 10/10/07

by the 5th round, i was running out of steam. i was about ready to throw in the towel because planning and executing these challenge LOs were taking up most of my free time. i wasn't even going to the gym anymore. what i did discover about myself though is that i just cannot give up. i always thought that if this gets too taxing, i can simply not submit an entry. but i couldn't do it. first of all, i was too curious if i could indeed come up with an answer to the difficult challenges. secondly, my pride won't let me. it was pride not my my creations but in the fact that i just cannot quit. i'd hate myself if i did. funny how one discovers bits about oneself in the most mundane things.

so i plod on with finishing the LO Taking Refuge. this one is special to me because this is about an important facet in my persona: my spirituality. i hesitated awhile. making it the topic of a page that will be shared with the general public is a little touchy i thought because...well...i am not sure how the audience will take it. but this is the topic that inspires me at that moment and candor is probably one of the traits i am known for by my close friends so i went ahead and hoped for the best. at the end of the day, it is my LO to keep and each time i complete one, it is like winning a prize in itself. also, the final result made me happy because i had a lovely receptacle for this important ephemera--the little pamphlet where my dharma name, given by the Rinpoche, was written.
perhaps this attack of openness carried over to the next round because this time around i was even more daring...more, round 6 challenge was about Life's Challenges and Joys and the Lessons These Teach You. Hands down, the topic for this was my Natural Childbirth experience. i was proud of myself for facing my fears in this experience and i have always wanted to scrap it. i thought i would be making it into a mini album one of these days but i would have to be content with a spread for this challenge. my big question was how to present it. that was the extra challenge because the pictures were ummm...well...bold, in more ways than one. hahaha.

again before i started, i hesitated just like my bestfriend Nita was hesitating about her LO's topic too. i dispensed her advise that i thought was best to follow myself: you never know whose life you will touch and inspire by your story. so let go do it! this is the outcome: A Natural Childbirth Journey. view here please. i hope you are not too queasy :-D

my babies on their birth days

here they are today...after eating Lipps candy...

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