Tuesday, November 4, 2008


being disorganized can really get me in a fix. i had the photos for this job months ago but had to do it in a rush when Lee reminded me she has to send it to its owner already. this layout was for the benefit auction for the Carmelite nuns held months ago. thanks Lizzie for entrusting this layout to me. i hope you like it.

i had attacks of misty nostalgia as i was doing this layout. we had a golden retriever the family called Mozart just a couple of years ago. he was 10 years old and very geriatric by the time we lost him. in his heyday, he was a very frisky big ole dog who was a friend to all the cats in the house. when Kara was 2 or 3, she would "horsie" ride him and he wouldn't mind. she would pull his hair and he wouldn't even blink. goldens are very patient dogs and the only way they might hurt you is if he inadvertently steps on you! the only setback with goldens is that they shed a lot. for years, we had dustbunnies all over the house in orangey fur. even the inside of my computer had orange fur when it gets an occasional cleaning.

Mozart's old Dogster page is here in case you want to take a peek. it's what i do when i miss him.
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