Wednesday, July 11, 2007


oooh yeah...before i forget...Scrapbytes July 2007 issue is up. i have an article there on how to make your own transparencies. be sure to catch it along with the many nice articles by scrapping friends in our community. everytime this online newsletter comes out, there is always a little tidbit in it that serves as an inspiration to me...this month, it is Ria's article where she says "there is no perfect LO... adopt an attitude where you will learn something may not like what you end up with...learn from it and move on." i also like tips no 7 and no 8... just go over there now and read it.

and since i wasn't able to blog for some time, i have not posted yet about that little TV segment on Good Finds of the Lifestyle channel. Last Scrapfest there was a network crew who covered the event. they picked out vendors to interview and guess what...i was one of them! let me tell you i was so darn nervous but i couldn't say no to free advertising and a chance to appear on TV....hahahaha! if i only knew, i would've had my hair done and put some makeup on! Ria of Scrappin Moms put the segment on YouTube so watch below. This segment is so cool because it not only gives you a glimpse of the very lively scrapbooking community growing in the Philippines, it also has a short tutorial on the hobby. What are you waiting already! (if you are watching this from my blogspot site, you may want to turn off the music on my slideshow at the sidebar by clicking on the little speaker icon)

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