Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i am so challenged!

it seems i do not get to make a scrap page these days unless its an imperative. if not for these challenges, i might not move along! but they can get stressful. and it thought this hobby was for de-stressing! however, once the page is done, it is always a proud moment for me, the sense of achievement is addictive.

and these days, one challenge so demanding is the Scrappin Moms Idol Challenge. it's a weekly elimination scrapping contest which culminates on the day of the Scrapfest. see their gallery here where my entry off to lala land with the thumbman is posted. it is my first time to join such precisely because i hate the stress. but how i can resist these charming moms' invitations especially since one dear member is about to leave the country? so Joanne, i must say, this one is for you. despite the stress, i have to admit, i am enjoying myself, too. i made it past the elimination round which makes me happy yet dreading at the same time...hahaha..talk about mixed emotions. which reminds me that i should be starting on the LO for Round 1 due on the 16th already! i only hope all these hoopla doesn't make me mentally challenged, instead!

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