Friday, May 23, 2008


i have to confess, i am still crazy infatuated with photography so much that my excitement to go to the Scrapfest stems not from wanting to do some scrapbooking but rather to capture moments with scrapbookers in their natural environment...amidst scrapbook stuff and suppliers galore.

probably it was incidental too that the new lens i was (lovingly) harping on hubby to get for me finally got a go signal from him on that very same morning. didn't waste time that day and i was instantly at Hidalgo in Quiapo to pick me one. but that's another story to be found here naman.

so here are the harvests of that day from my cheap, yet trusty Nikon using those new lenses. i hope you enjoy viewing these because i absolutely had fun shooting them.

if you would like to get a photo from this set, you are welcome to visit my flickr acct here so you can get the hi-res, printable image. you can only access it via this guest pass: . TO GET the hi-res file, click on the little icon on top of the photo that says "ALL SIZES". Then pick Original Size, then Download Original Size.


Anna Zalamea said...

great pics of scrapfest!

Sandra Yu said...

hi au! i love the pictures! thanks for the nice shot! wow, bagay pala sakin may hawak ng apa..hehe!Kaingget yan Nikon mo!

Christine said...

beautiful photos! TFS! now i feel as if i went to the fest! hehehe

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