Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Artful Blogging Challenge on

how can i not join when it presents a magnificent opportunity to win some of those cool Artful Blogging magazines? great idea for a challenge by the 2 beautiful ladies of , Julie and Sheryl! looking forward to more of these challenges and thanks for bringing in those wonderful books too. here's my entry:

1. What is your blog name and what's with the name?
My Simply Scrappy Life
Tagline: All My {S}crap: I'm so full of it!

I came up with the name because I see myself living a relatively simple and uncomplicated life albeit quite busy. Since I like not just scrapbooking but also quilting, I included the word "scrappy" in the title because the hobbies I love deal mostly with scraps of paper and fabric. It also pertains to the fact that showcasing my scrapbook pages here shows sneak peeks into the "scraps" of my life.

2. How was your banner/header created (include all credits)?
Since I am a sentimental person and this banner is the first one I ever created so I never changed it since my blog's original incarnation 2 years ago. I created the header for this blog at the time when headers weren't too common yet and I wasn't very familiar with how to do it. I wanted the blog to be personal so I took a photo of my messy scrapbooking desk, cropped and sized it to be the same as the header size from the Rounders template of blogspot.I used Adobe Photoshop for this and the typography. It features my blog's tagline (or secondary title). I'm actually poking fun at myself with it. Since I blab on my posts regarding my life and scrapbooking, I say I am truly full of (s)crap! :-D

3. What is your blog about? Why did you create it?
This blog was created about 2 years ago when I started to scrapbook seriously. Originally, this blog was created to document and share my progress in scrapbooking AND quilting. However, i rarely have the chance to do quilting these days so it is mostly scrapbooking. Secondly, it also aims to share whatever tips and techniques I pick-up while learning these crafts most especially to the scrapbooking friends I have made along the way.


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