Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it's time

just so i feel like i have a new beginning, i changed my blog's look. whatchatink? is it pretty enough for a new start? some people like starting with a new blog but i like history. i like things that have a past. the quirkier, the better.

however, i have no new scrapbooking projects yet. i have just come out of one WHOLE year of school-- photography school to be exact. i have just completed a Diploma Course in Professional Photography at the College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts. ain't that a mouthful. can't you see i'm trying to impress yah! :-D anyhoo, that's another story for another blog entry, perhaps on my other blog AuWasHere. i shall toot when i get to write that one. but please do visit that blog too.

since i needed a new post just to get my feet wet, i scrounged my HD for something to blab without having to first do a new project. i seem to remember i have a couple of layouts i haven't posted yet. well, i found it. so here:

funny thing, that hairstyle is not my 'do anymore. it's been THAT long. this one i did for that last (and only...hopefully there's one again soon!) trip to Tin's family vacation house at the Tagaytay Highlands. it was supposed to be a scrapbooking marathon, but i came up with only one layout, slow scrapbooker that i am. but i have since changed my hair :-D so maybe i'll scrap about that sometime. this is how i look now...

heheheh... so, like my new look?.... kidding! this was for a conceptual portrait school project where we had to put ourselves on a movie poster. story here. yep, kinda fun.

oh, there's one more unposted layout i found on the HD. this was used as sample LO for the Scrapbuffet event that was hosted by Studio Azul... so long ago... sigh... it's a 10-minuter, really. but i think i took an hour on it. i should do more of this quickie layouts. even with my now old and outdated stash. at least, that would get me to fill more of the waiting scrapbook albums i purchased 'on sale' quite some time ago. and more importantly, i'd be documenting life again. and THAT is what scrapbooking is all about anyway.


Liza said...

and welcome back to blogging au! i miss seeing your witty posts. i must say i LOVE that "japanese" photo of yours. hope to see more posts from you again soon. :D

beyatchua said...

why don't you wear that pretty dress anymore? :))

Au Lim said...

hi Liza!!! thanks for dropping by. i miss getting comments and blog visitors too as much as i miss posting myself :-D yeah been a loooong while!

trix... hahaha! thanks for lending me that japanese costume! :-D ipahiram mo uli sa akin para isuot ko uli...:-D

the beatricks said...

silly! i meant the tube dress thingy on the top layout :))

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