Saturday, May 12, 2007

nanay's card

last Pinoyscrapbookers' EB, i promised a make-and-take project. i had a P50 budget and i wanted to use the often overlooked DCWV's. mother's day is just around the corner so i thought a mother's day card was perfect for the project. even if it was a card project, i wanted to explore techniques that would be useful for scrapbooking as well. i had very little time that night, didn't get any sleep actually, because Raj was sleeping fitfully due to a high fever. i came up with only 10 kits. i would like to say i had fun doing it but lack of sleep dulled it.

i was pretty happy with the result though considering the limitations. makes me want to do more card projects. this is actually a combined cardmaps sketch. i used one sketch for the front and another for the inside. here are the results. oh, and if you want to see more of these very nice card sketches by Becky Fleck, click here. photos here were taken by mod Lee which i just swiped from the PS slideshow:

the kits made:

front of the card:

and inside of the card,

i especially like the inside because it is good practice in hidden journaling. i also enjoyed doing the no-fuss slider with the heart. it was done by merely rounding out the corners of a scrap piece of rectangular cardstock using corner rounders punch. then a slot punch office tool (a hand punch that look like pliers used for punching holes on IDs and tags) was used to punch holes on the two sides. this tool might be overlooked by scrappers but i think they'd be a great addition to the arsenal. this would make any ol' piece of cardstock or chipboard flower, heart, rectangle, oval, or circle die cut or hand cut into a slider for ribbons or fibers! cool di ba?! i'm already thinking of things i can do with some coluzzled or swivel-knife-template-cut bookplates. instead of just punching holes on them, i'd be punching slots, too! double duty for them templates. bookplates na, sliders pa!

the slot punch is readily available at the bookstore by the office supply area for just under PHP500.00. steep? maybe a bit, but i'd pay the price for it being able to punch through chipboard (which are eXcELleNt! for sliders).

DCWV papers from the Floral Prints stack, bookstore cardstock was cut with file folders swivel-knife template from Simply-Scrappy, Canson cardstock (for the tag and pocket) which was cut with the library card swivel-knife template , Sizzix heart diecut, buttons and eyelets, decorative scissors and distressing with stamp ink for the cover (may also be sewn or hand-stitched instead!) and Ranger Distress ink for stamping the words "for you". fancy pants heart stamp and provo "love you" stamp used for the slider. tag was simply a rectangle piece of cardstock nipped at the corners with straight scissors. to make it look like a vintage tag, the hole reinforcement was made with a 1/2 in circle punch and then hole punched with 1/4" one-hole-punch (another office supply tool). it was then edge-distressed to get the old paper look. fibers on slider and tag added to finish. then the word nanay made with a Dymo labeller added on the side of the file folder.

i hope Nanay likes her Mother's Day gift tomorrow :-D

items available at Simply Scrappy ScrapArts store used in this project are:
Ranger Distressing inks, File Folder and Library Card swivel knife templates; DCWV papers, Coluzzle knife, fibers


Lee i. said...

Really loved this. Kaya lang kawawa ako kasi wala ko nung make and take. Pictures lang. Waaahhh...Pero Au, bilib talaga ako how your mind always looks to the possibilities.

C70 said...

that's a very lovely card, Au! I'm sure your mom will love it!

Au Lim said...

Hi Lee! oo nga pala, nawalan ka nun ano?...di bale, will try to make one for you and Nita too...

Christine! your cards are lovely too! ay chaka finally saw your blog na! dati walang nag-aappear...sinet mo siguro to private, no!

Vanessa said...

What a pretty card! Nakakainspire! Thanks for the slot tool tip which is now my nr.1 on my shopping list when I get to the Philippines!

Valerie Salmon said...

fantastic cards, au!

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