Tuesday, June 5, 2007

long time...

i'm baaaack....

i missed blogging. the month of may was quite busy for me. it's hard to juggle between a day job, entrepreneurship, and manage a full household that includes five kids. the previous scrapfest was exciting but preparations are always tiring for me and often, i don't get sleep just before an EB day or a major scrapping event. but thanks to the scrappin moms excellent organization (and everyone behind the Scrapfest), it was indeed a rewarding and smooth event.
Photos in this slideshow courtesy of Jeff Lopez

i also have much to thank my very helpful and pretty daughters Gabey and Kara who always help Mama out with Simply-Scrappy activities even if they would much prefer to hang out at the mall, surf the net, or slump in front of the TV. thanks also to Neneng, our 'ate' at home (Raj's yaya) who won't be able to protest anyway even if she would probably rather be with the very kulit Raj at home than selling scrap stuff :-D

and thanks also to my dear friend Nita, who took time off her own scrap shopping to help out during the selling frenzy. Bjay even commented Nita knew the prices of my stuff more than me!

prior to this event, store stuff came in. here are the pictures. i have been dreaming for the longest time to finally get www.simply-scrappy.com completely up and running but it seems impossible at the moment since i have to do it using my own steam. so for the meantime i shall just use this--my scrapping blog--to give my scrappy friends and patrons a heads up on some of the items available at our home store.

if you want to know more, please don't hesitate to give me a call. watch out for more product pics soon. will upload as i catch more time to take pics.

despite the deplorably short time i have for scrapping, i still managed to do some projects. will post them tomorrow. for now, i have to go get my Prison Break fix.

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