Friday, November 19, 2010

cousins and friends

since last saturday's scrap session, i still was in the mood for some more cutting and pasting considering i had photos printed out that i intended to scrap. unfortunately, work had to get done first so i had to put scrapping on hold. i finally had a few moments to myself last night and here was the output.

i vowed to make my scrapbooking more simple these days so i would get more pages done. unfortunately, i still couldn't just cut and paste. i have a compulsive need to turn paper and embellishments round and round my layout before i commit to glueing it down for an extended amount of time. weird, i know! is this indicative of something psychological/freudian/jungian?... indecisiveness, fear of commitment, fear of making mistakes, making mountains out of molehills. i don't know. at least i attempt to understand myself, even through something as inconsequential as scrapbooking. i do believe we will all benefit if we occasionally analyze ourselves and our hidden motivations and underlying emotions. i don't think we serve ourselves well if we think we are always right. a healthy dose of self-doubt is sometimes just what we need. ok, i'm rambling again. but who knows, this will probably make sense to someone out there.

back to the layout. this one still took maybe a couple or so hours. yup, fast scrapbooking is still an elusive goal for me. i just have to keep trying.


Alby said...

Beautiful layout Au! And the papers are so cute! :)

Lee i. said...

cute nga!!!!

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