Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my december daily+1st ever video blog = feelingera!

i've always wanted to try out video blogging. all my idols do it... Cathy Z, Ali E... etc. of course, they are cooler BY FAR but a bloggin' girl's gotta try this out sometime. besides, this is how i understood the instructions on doing the December Daily so i kinda figured that this is the best way to show it too.

you HAVE to forgive my nervous twitches and mannerisms, the repeated ok's and ahh's and the ugly hands. it's sort of protracted and disorganized but charge that to inexperience also. plus i do feel more than just a bit silly doing it. worse, i just did this by the seat of my pants with no plan whatsoever. perhaps i should have planned first what i was going to say. hopefully, it gets better next time. if you ever get yourself to finish it, virtual hugs to you! thanks for watching!


P.S. Alby asked me kasi and i forgot to mention pala. i made the printed pages' template with Adobe Illustrator. Tin actually gave us a template for the Ali Edwards format but i wanted to print 4by6 photos on my printer since there are ready photo paper available from National that i could use. hence, i made my own instead :-D gotta thank Tin also for the rest of the other templates. mwahhhh! :-*


Joyleen Dianne Co Lim said...

I enjoy watching your video.. More to come ha!

Alby said...

First of all, love the video blog! You can do it again, Au!

Questions: What did you use to stamp the numbers with on the paper pages? And what about the lines (boxes) on each paper page, did you do that yourself?

I like the Staz On on the overlay. I suppose Alcohol Inks will work as well.

By the way, have you seen any of the Thinking Inking or other tutorial videos of Jennifer McGuire? I figured after recording the video, she would then dub with audio. That way, you can edit the recorded audio. But of course, spontaneous is best. And I believe you pulled it off. More! More!

Lilia Yap said...

Hi, Au! Nag-level up ka na! Video blogging na ang gimik mo ngayon! Congrats...ang video at the Dec daily project! Go, go, go!

Stay scrappinpretty,
Ate Lil

the beatricks said...

Mother! You have to reserve special pages for Laish and Moi :)) HAHAHAHA. what are you going to put in there? Random pics and stuff? :D show us tomorrow! might drop by make bulabog @Magnolia!

Au Lim said...

hi Joyleen! salamats!!! :-D

Alby, ay oo nga pala! di ko nabanggit. i made the template with Adobe Illustrator and printed that. Tin actually gave us Ali's templates to print but i wanted all 4by6 photos kasi may nabibili na 4by6 photo paper na naka-cut up na. kaya i made one na lang para mas madali.

@ate Lil! heheh... o di ba, bagong gimik! i wanted to try this out sometime ago kasi my hipag gave me this video cam that records on a hard disk. kaya MPG na sya agad. easier to edit and upload. my old handycam records on MiniDV tape pa e... kaya mas nakakatamad noon :-D

Thanks so much for the props guys! di naman masyadong jologs?! haha! sige, next time pla-planuhin ko na ang sequence ng sasabihin para di masyado humaba. i have a tendency to ramble eh... hahahah! thanks again! :-D

Christine said...

Bravo, Au!!!!! galing galing. love your video blog.... yes, i watched til the end :D

Au Lim said...

Trix! batopkors! core night shall be in it :-D

CV!!! miss ka na namin! at umabot ka sa dulo ha! :-D hugzzzzzz! :-D thanks!!

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