Tuesday, April 3, 2007

PinoyScrapbookers' EB minor - 04.01.07

a week before, i wasn't quite ready for an EB. but since we were having minimeets at Nita's place and having a blast, PS mod Lee thought it was indeed high time for a full scale EB especially since a long vacation is coming up. this could get everyone's creative scrapping juices flowing making this long vacation a potentially highly productive one in terms of LO output.

so despite the short notice, we went ahead and announced an EB for the coming weekend. good thing Mommy Edna B. was such a helpful person and arranged a venue for us. i didn't think many people would be attending on such a short notice so i thought we would just have a loosely structured get-together--have some chihakan, maybe scrap some pages this time--and that would be it. i was so surprised that 24 people signed up, most on the last minute as well. this is not to mention those who just dropped in to say hello and chatted with us for a while.

so now i have resolved to myself that the succeeding EBs after this shall be more organized. it is only by experience that we learn and i really have a looong way to go in terms of the party department being the non-social person that i am. (yes, i know...i doesn't seem so...pero it's true! :-D)

inspite of the lack of preparation, fun was still the order of the day. it is always great to see old friends and see in person the people you have been friends with online. we had Joanne, the cutting queen, in the house who gave us a demo on how she does her impressive cutwork. of course, the cuttlebug demo was also a hit especially since the cutting queen also owned and lent us her magnificent A2 embossing folder collection and showed us what it can do.

we learn a lot viewing other scrapper's albums and projects because we get the chance to ask them in person how they do their techniques.

we had a silly flower "poker" game, brought about by buying 3 tins of Prima flowers and splitting them between 5 persons. this is actually one of the advantages of attending EBs and having lots of friends who scrap: you get to split big packages of paper or embellishments with them so you don't have to buy the whole set!

i also did a little demo on using Ranger's Distress Inks, the only slow-drying dye ink that i know at this time, which makes it embossable and blendable and Ranger's Distress Embossing Powders. i just love both products!

we weren't able to scrap (as usual!) but again, i resolve that on the next EB scheduled on May 6, we absolutely HAVE to scrap! we must come home with more than just products we have bought. We have to come home with at least 1 page done.

So there you have our little fun day...view more pics here to go directly to webshots or below to see the slideshow.

PinoyScrapbookers’ EB Minor - 04.01.07


jennifer said...

hi au! thanks for uploading the pics...i got myself some copies na (hehehehhe)...anyway, one thing we forgot to do is have a "class picture!" pero next time, i am sure meron na.

see you again, soon!

Au Lim said...

hi Jen!

Oo nga no, nakalimutan natin group pic. See you soon...Have a great vacation week...enjoy!

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