Saturday, April 7, 2007


it was indeed a relaxing, scrappy day for myself and scrapping buddies Lee, Cabbie, Symbelly and Mai thanks to our hostess Nita and her vacationing sister's family. we had their beautiful and cool lanai all to ourselves. it was perfect for our little cropping party!

there were lots of toys at our disposal. i guess we all thought the same thing - lots of time to play. it was, after all, a whole day of leisurely scrapping in contrast to the few hours we have on occasional Friday nights and the time pressure of EBs.

aside from toys, we also had the lots of the next thing topmost on a scrappers' mind - food! Nita made sure we won't go hungry for even a second. Mai must have had in in her mind that a scrapper should always have her chocolate fix.

we had mango cake and brewed coffee for starters, adobo and stir fried baguio beans for lunch with mixed fruit as dessert, and delicious turon and refreshing gulaman for merienda. Mai brought lots of chips, Lindt & Hershey's to pick on the whole day. we were eating and scrapping by the lanai with this pretty (large for a) pocket garden and with the sound or trickling water from the bridged koi pond nearby.

as usual i didn't complete my LO (but i did complete the finishing touches on Lee's so that counts too, right?!) but, oh, to have a one whole day just to scrap AND with delicious food, plenty of scrap toys, relaxing ambiance, and most of all good company is like having a supersized sundae oozing with everything on it and a cherry on top. what more can a scrappy girl ask for?

this shows how little i know of handling a camera
--but you get the general mood, yes? :-D


Valerie Salmon said...

Hi Au, this is so much fun! Glad to have ventured to your blog. Thanks for linking to mine. :)

Au Lim said...

Hello Ms Valerie, so happy to see a comment from you. I always visit your blog because you are inspiring! Great job on the sketches blog, too.

Thanks for sharing them!

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