Friday, February 8, 2008

dream vacation

who wouldn't be dreaming of seeing Europe (particularly Spain) one day? i know i do. i'd love to see their amazing architecture, immerse myself in the richly archaic culture, and get a taste of authentic Catalonian cuisine that i can only glimpse from the limited restaurants serving such here in Manila. With names of places like Costa Brava, Alicante and Barcelona Las Ramblas, it is enough to evoke emotions of lovely Spanish senoritas and dashing, handsome hombres.

looking through the multitude of tourist options of a Spanish vacation, i learned that they not only have sundrenched coastal beaches but also an interesting mix of medieval districts and Modernism architectures by Gaudi and Domenech which have been declared World Heritage sites all in an urban and cosmopolitan setting.

this is why it is great to find out that the dream vacation is not necessarily expensive. there are websites now with a collection of cheap hotels that can help the traveller choose and book just from where he/she sits. One such site is where one can choose package tours that are inclusive of cheap airline fares and inexpensive hotels such as Costa Brava Hotels, Benidorm Hotels, Costa del Sol Hotels, Alicante Hotels, and Barcelona La Ramblas Hotels. browsing through this site shows a dizzying array of choices for the budgeted traveller. even if my own dream vacation might still take a long time coming because of spending too much on paper and scrapper tools, i should start browsing through these so i can start savin' up for it.

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