Friday, February 1, 2008


after some deliberation, i have finally taken the plunge. it would be great to get paid for blogging. what prompted me? Paypal!

i recently bought some Quickutz dies (Beauty Queen alphas! wishlist item come true!) on Ebay and as i made the payment, i noticed a new Paypal banner, they make payouts in Philippine pesos! how cool. and recently, i had been toying with the idea of earning via something i would be glad to do anyway (and that is blogging) but i have always thought that payout is a hassle. however, i thought...hmmm...paypal money for ebay - not a bad reason to blog for pay, even if in dollars. so when i saw the peso payout, i took that as a sign. so i went googling for what options i have that may make me earn a bit on the side via the ol' blog.

Blogsvertise was among the top of the list for being a good venue to get paid via blogging. and it was so easy to get in and register as a blogger. i just clicked on the link from the website with the reviews and that was that. i am awaiting approval of this blog for the moment.

so what does one need to do to start potential earnings? simply write reviews of assigned advertisers. i thought it was great that one does not have to do an "all praises" write-up. one can review, compliment or even complain about their advertiser. i think that feature is important to me. i have to be honest in whatever i am reviewing even if i am getting paid to do it. perhaps even more importantly so. and then, one has to have at least 3 links to their website -- just as i am doing here now.

so there, i hope you read up what i would be reviewing here should i be approved. and hopefully too, i get more ammunition to do even more ebaying :-D

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