Thursday, March 13, 2008

layouts with the Studio Azul February kit

i am so attracted to simple, graphic lines these days so i gave it a whirl here. what's funny is that i find it soooo difficult not to fill up space with embellishment! does this mean that i am a naturally messy person?!

Journaling reads: you little babies are my second shot at motherhood. when i first had your elder siblings, mama was quite young. it was eight years after your di-tsi was born that i had you Reine, and then you Raj, only less that 2 years after that. i must admit, i am a different mother from the one who raised Kiko, Gabey and Kara. being older has brought more maturity, more involvement. i breastfed you both longer that the few short months that i did my first three children. although, your siblings are good kids themselves, i am hoping to do a better job with the both of you. although i still work a lot, i’d like to think i give more attention to you now because i realize that time will not wait for me. i have to be because you simply grow up too fast. I love you, my babies.


i think we will definitely have to stop breastfeeding by the time the next school year hits becauseRaj will have start schooling already. this is why these moments are so precious now and are must-scrap moments for me.

Journaling reads: Since Raj nonw only breastfeeds at night, he would often "negotiate" with me and say this line when he needs comforting. It means he will snuggle up to me, suckle at the breast then, i count 1,2,3. At 3, he releases the nipple. That shor moment calms him down and he give me a grateful smile. I find this totally cute and funny!


LeslieinTN said...

Beautiful LOs! I was just telling my husband a few months back that if we had kids now that we would do such a better job or at least know what to expect and not have as much anxiety! (I'm not having anymore - let me just inject that! LOL) I would have breastfed longer too. I love the flowers/vine diecut on the LO of your son. Great design!

C70 said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again! Well done, Blue partner!! More, more, more!!!

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