Monday, March 10, 2008

just learned to do youtube

yey! finally learned how to grab videos from the handycam and how to upload to youtube! didn't know it was so simple after all. so i'm giving it a whirl here and on my other blog. these videos are not from the handycam though but directly from the cellphone. didn't know youtube will directly process the mp4 file format from a Nokia till now. really cool.

this video was an interview by some guys from Net25 for a show called Tribe last year on a scrapbooking segment. the video was sent to me by my nephew Jasper who tried to watch the show very quietly so he can get a good capture. i was totally thrilled to see myself on TV! hahaha...i would love to get my hands on a clearer copy but i'm too lazy to call the network for it. hmmm...maybe i will one of these days.


Maybelle said...

Hi, Au! This is so cool! I missed this when it aired on Net 25. Sige na, ask the network for a copy of your interview. Congrats!

C70 said...

WOW Au!! Galing galing naman ng interview mo!! BOW! Ei, kaya mo naman pala gumawa ng page within a few minutes eh! HAHA!!! ;)

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