Wednesday, March 21, 2007

one LO a week

last saturday, i got me a new set of papers. BG's Stella Ruby. In it are 18 12by12's 1 diecut tag sheet and 1 sheet of letter stickers. 18 sheets! That means i can do at least 6 pages with it if i consume 3 papers/LO on an average. and that is not counting the scraps that come out of it.

i think i have the disease that almost every scrapper(hoarder!)i know has. Stocking up on too many papers and doing too few pages. and since i have long since stopped fooling myself that i will not buy more, i have simply come up with the resolve that i shall stick to a plan: to scrap at least one page a week. considering the current workload and regular activities i have, this is not really that easy. but writing it down here commits me to it even more.

so there, i have said it! not that i will not forgive myself should i fail, but there must at least be a good reason if i do not come up with the desired results for a particular week. so if i just count the new kit, that is already 6 weeks worth of work. and i still want that scarlet's letter kit, too. and if i were to consider that pile of papers that i already have... arrrrgghhh! even more reason to go simple scrapbooking or freestyling if that will help me scrap faster. so standby peeps and see if i can do this... even i am curious if i can indeed do it...

thanks Pia for sharing with me some of your thoughts and scrap work habits last time we met at the EB and Ria for her Scrapbytes article that drove that thought home.

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