Monday, March 5, 2007

feeling good today...the way i always do when i get a new toy. just got my BG Notch and Die tips courtesy of PSer Christine V. (who got a double on her order so she disposed of one) thanks for selling it CV!

to top it off, she even directed me to this CK video link which reaaaally got me hyped.

certainly a great buy considering i have been holding off on getting the full set... i'm so glad i did now that i know all i need is my old hammer and these tips. just gotta luv online friendships...kisses to you Christine!

another tool that tickled my fancy last night was this thing called the Tidy Tray. i was set to put some bling on my LO with some ultrafine glitter (love how this looks but hate working with it because of all the glitter flying around), and i thought maybe it would be a good time to break out my new Tidy Tray, which i originally intended for embossing powder. it worked like a charm! no more paper which the fan (almost always!) blows away just when there is powder in it. less glitter all over me and more on the LO and back inside the jar! Love it! i laid a strip of glue on the item i needed to glitter, put it on the tray and poured glitter on it. after that, i removed the glittered item away to let it dry and just poured back the loose glitter into the jar. all one needs to get it working best is a soft brush so one can really get all those loose powder or glitter off the tray. so Nita, quit doing taktak to the tray pala. [saw you doing this the other night :-)]Use a 1/2in soft brush and i know you'll love how neat everything is.

this is the hole that comes with a plug for when you don't want stuff coming out of the tray yet. this tray may also be used for bead projects aside from embossing powder and glitters.


C70 said...

you're very much welcome, Au! I'm so glad you love it! I have yet to try out my set :)

Au Lim said...

naku christine, ginamit ko agad yung sa kin..alam mo naman ako, atat to the max! will post those LOs soon. thanks again! :-)

Jona said...

au, where do you get the tidy tray?

Au Lim said...

hi jona, carries this but they're out right now. will post it when already available :-D

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