Saturday, March 3, 2007

mini EB at Nita's

we had another scrappy good time last night at Nita's place. there was causeway chinese take-out dinner and yummy dimsum courtesy of Nita (doncha just luuuvvve my bestfriend!). food is a must on these intimate gatherings of course with scrapping as an excuse. i must say, i at least, got started on my LO. i'm am still working on it now and it will be posted as soon as it is done.

since i do not usually bring a cam, i just swiped this photo from Cabbie's blog :-)

attendees last night, other than myself and Nita, were Lee, Cabbie, Joyce and new PSer Mitch who i hope didn't get culture shocked by how candid and noisy we were. activities started off with eating dinner, then some shuffling around of paper, peeking into Cabbie's beautiful album and mini albums, eating, a bit of scrapping, more eating of dimsum, picture taking, some early goodbyes, eating lee's delicious brownies, watching american idol, before it was time to really go home. by then it was already way past midnight.

overall, it was a super great day! i even got to take home leftover dimsum! yum! i wonder where the leftover brownies went...i wish i had taken them home too as they were scrumptious. if only i wasn't having that asthma episode about the time we were fixing to go home...


cabbiejanescrapper said...

hi au! i love your blog and the projects there! add kita sa blog ko ha. hehehe. yeah, enjoyed so much thought this is only a mini--which i like kasi the interaction is more personal. anyway, hope to have more minis coming along the way!!take care!!


Au Lim said...

thanks cabbie! saya pala may comment. salamat din for the photo swipe..hehehe...2x na to, yung isa ini-scrap ko naman...mwah!

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