Saturday, March 10, 2007

bitter/sweet - life with the scrapping community

it's like a "rollercoaster ride" as Nita amply puts it. happy news then sad: Nette's son Miguel's precarious surgery and subsequent successful recovery, Honey's mom's cancer, Kitkat's dad's stroke, Em's happy pregnancy, then suddenly Diane's Huey's passing. thinking about all that is enough to make me feel drained.

the local scrapbooking community is so interconnected thanks to the power of cyberspace. not only that, we also do get to see each other face to face thanks to well coordinated EBs. but as with any community it has its boons and its banes. i count as a boon to be in touch with so many people, be able to share in their lives and share mine with them as well. and then, it may be a bane that you sometimes find people you do not like too well. however, there are definite jewels in the lot that i am willing to sift though the sand to find them.

hmmm... let me change that last statement even before i finish this little musing. i think everyone IS interesting. and not just the jewels--people who i absolutely rave about--but even those who... let's just say... are not my favorites. even the, uhhmmm, basalt rocks (gee, what a geek!) offer a certain color to my life's palette. from them, i learn how not to be or what not to do. besides, in any community of varied people--be it a corporate scene, a working environment, one's relatives, and yeah, a group of hobbyists--there will always be intrigues and [what a friend calls] politics. unless one is living like a hermit, it is unavoidable and intrinsic. i even dare say, a necessity, because, in encountering all sorts, we get to enjoy the good company yet learn the important values of tolerance, patience, and even open-mindedness, when we have to deal with those we find more than a bit unsavoury. so if you come to think about it, it really is all good.

been sitting too long here in front of the computer. i think i should go out and get some sunshine now... oh shoot, it's raining!


Lee i. said...

Hi there. I will have to disagree. You do not have to "sift through the sand" to find jewels in this community. They're just there, waiting to be known. About the basalts, well, maybe that's when you have really dug too deep. Thank God, I haven't stumbled into too many of those.

Au Lim said...

hehehe...ok you are a right there but i do think a little "sifting" might still be in order to find the jewels because one does not immediately recognize them until the opportunity presents itself. They sometimes masquerade as "sand" - the multitude, seemingly common acquantainces"- the neutrals in one's life whom we do not really feel intense affection or fondness for until one gets to know them better. Then, the basalts--one may also discover them even before one has really dug too deep. I know I have. They're just there too. Sometimes they seem like "sand" until they prick you with their ragged edge. But a little less often as well, one might think they are a "jewel" until further analysis shows they are not after all. Is this what you mean by "digging too deep" ? :-) here's another way i can put it, even diamonds often have little basalts embedded inside them. If a diamond can be like this, what more the ever-evolving person. I guess everything follows the principles of "no absolutes" and nothing stays the same as in the wisdom Yin-Yang diagram...[my haven't i gone down the deep end already!] Perhaps in the final analysis, even jewel and basalt hunting is relative, huh. What might be an ordinary rock to one is a jewel to another and vice versa :-) Also, often in life, in instances like these, one just has to use one's best judgement whether an imperfect jewel is worth keeping or is simply for ditching. At the end of the day, what matters is that we have kept our eyes open and that we try hard keep things real. Hay, Lee! you make me think too much!...naubos na naman yung konting brain cells ko dun! :-D

C70 said...

yikes! Au, I hope I'm not one of your 'basalt rocks friends!' :(

Au Lim said...

Christine, naku kaw pah! e you're one of my favorite people. thus far you have been nice, helpful, smart, real. tapos BF mom ka pa. We share a common bond. there is nothing about you i cannot like!

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