Saturday, June 23, 2007

hooray for freebies!

the past two days were ticklishly happy for me. last thursday, my prize (for just being at the top 3) arrived via Air21 from Nette of My Little Attic. deliciously juicy-colored Fancy Pants papers, thickers and stuff here....oooohhh yeah....

then yesterday, Friday, i renewed my magazine subscription of Simple Scrapbooks. Cherry of Emerald Headway sent me these goodies: back issues of mags i like! and these issues are not that old, too. they're April 2007 issues. i requested digital camera mags aside from scrapbooking ones and my favorite yoga read.

subscribing for mags in the Philippines is a lot more expensive than getting a subscription in the US and having it sent here but i think the instant gratification of getting them quick and counting the cost of these freebies make up for that. will be renewing my Creating Keepsakes subscription soon....yey, yey, yey...more mags my way.

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