Saturday, June 23, 2007


Iris tagged me are 7 random facts about me:

1. many people won't believe this, not even those who know me well, but I am actually shy. i'd rather stay home than party although i would go if invited.

2. i enjoy time alone. sitting meditation is something i'd like to be able to do regularly but my current situation usually prevents it.

3. hikain ako. but people never suspect it because i'm so malikot and being asthmatic never stops me from being as active as i want to be...for as long as my inhalers are with me.

4. my little shih tzu, Tashi loves me to pieces and i love him back. he constantly follows me everywhere in the house.

5. when i was young, red was my favorite color. then it became orange. then yellow. now, it's green. cuttlebug green! and i love green tea.

6. sunflowers are my favorite flowers. they are big, loud, and cheerful. And they always look at the sunny, bright side.

7. i also like butterflies. some say they symbolize death. to me, they are a symbol of transformation and breaking free from the mold. i like them so much i got one tattooed on me.

now, i have to tag 7 other friends who must also say 7 random facts about themselves. i am tagging Lee, Christine, Joanne, Hanna, Ella, Cabbie, and Tin. happy blogging ladies! this is actually cool, i think, coz we get to know each other a bit more :-D


reno said...


i take some minutes to read your blog.

Very nice !

Good job :-)

Best regards


Anonymous said...

Brilliant blog, I hadn't noticed earlier in my searches!
Carry on the great work!

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