Thursday, June 14, 2007


if you've been to the Pinoyscrapbookers' Kaya blog, you've probably seen this one. this is my response to the challenge issued: Black, White and a Pint of Color. i chose brown as my color so i can include some metal embellishments in the LO.

i'm pretty happy with how this turned out because despite some misses, i just happen to hit a perfect solution for it. for example, that picture of me was taken by daughter Gabey last time we were out at the mall. when she showed it to me, i told her it wasn't good because it looked like i was posing. when she saw that it eventually ended up here on this LO, she laughed at me and told me with a victorious grin "kala ko ba panget?" well, it just so happened it was perfect for the effect is wanted--like i was looking up at the butterfly.

second "miss" was on this very same picture: my little boy's head was right in front of me and would be clearly visible if i cut the pic into an oval. good thing that spot was right on for some Prima flowers!

then, i happily stamped some musical notes on to white cardstock...perfect, i thought. i then proceeded to tearing the side them distressing them with some gray chalk. as i was positioning it on the paper, i realized, i should have torn the other side! oh heck! then it just simply has to go upside down because i'm too lazy to repeat it already.

In my excitement, I forgot to put down credits on the LO for the quotation. It is by Jim Rohn and I got it from the 54 Challenges book by Elsie Flannigan.

Technique and process how this was done posted here as part of the entry to the PS blog.

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