Tuesday, January 29, 2008

going digi

nope...not really...haha. i am definitely not a digital scrapbooker. i enjoy playing with real paper and glue and tools too much. but darned Prima Hybrid is making me rethink my conviction. just go see here at www.primahybrid.com. digital and real paper and embellishments now match! how much longer can i resist? with my perennial lack of time, digital or hybrid, rather, is starting to sound (and look) reaaaally good.

a perfect example is my situation with this month's Kaya challenge. i'd love to do this one to boot considering it's practically creative visualization, a technique to make one's wishes or aspirations to come true. but it is due already and i have not started just a few hours before i was to submit it. good thing i am in a contemplating on digital the past few days so i remembered that this is probably the only way to go if i want to make it to the deadline.

hmmm...maybe i should do this more often...the few more hours spent in front of the computer wasn't so bad. and i keep remembering that really nice album Joyleen showed us. it was a compilation of all her digi LOs printed and slipped into album protectors. verrry cool really when put all together like that!

i haven't bought any digital kits yet. for this project, i just used some old freebie downloads i have from way back when digital was just starting to crop up. i think i might succumb very soon though.


Liza said...

i LOVE your layout au! ganda ng effect you did with your photo and the distressed look. naku, i just checked out prima's hybrid site and the elements are so gorgeous! heheheh!

C70 said...

gorgeous page, Au! love it! :)

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