Friday, January 25, 2008

getting sketchy

a few weeks ago, Tin mentioned Studio Azul is going to do a sketch challenge and asked if i can do one. cool idea, i thought. i often do sketches for myself with pencil and paper just before embarking on an LO. i also usually stray from my own sketch as the LO gets done. so when asked to do both a sketch and an LO to match, i felt a bit nervous. but i thought hey, i think it would be fun to assemble one digitally too, and not just on paper with pencil. here is the result which you can also find here.

did this sketch based on the materials inside Studio Azul's January kit, SuperNova. i tried hard not to stray too far from my own sketch. below is the resulting LO.

the 4-month old baby monkey is my nephew Mike's pet. it is soooo cute!
Raj was so intrigued by it but was afraid of it and wouldn't even touch it.
Journaling reads: Raj was so afraid of the monkey but liked the little plush toy. Little did he know, the real one was sneaking up behind him...
Incidentally, Raj was born in the Chinese zodiac year of the Monkey. :-D

i had fun doing this LO and excitedly submitted it to Tin and Mia. before, i heard comments from them, i saw the LO and sketch posted. i suddenly had an anxiety attack. oh my! my little sketch is now officially challenge material. would people like it? i really, truly hope my scrapping friends would find it useful. and i'd love to see people use it and tweak it around to come up with LOs i haven't even thought of with it. good luck to all who join! surely, the SA prizes at stake would be worth it! Challenge mechanics here.


Catherine said...

You did a great job on this layout. I love that you change the color of the pics on the side... very cool!

C70 said...

great job on that sketch and what a beautiful page to boot!

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