Monday, January 7, 2008

welcoming 2008

hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!! am just starting to go out of the holiday break. it doesn't feel like a "break" really, there was so much to do! holiday shopping, reunions, xmas parties, things to cook, never ending shopping and was sooo draining! i wasn't able to do ANY scrapping till the 2nd of January, when all finally winded down...for a day! i did get in some scrapping then but to date have only 2 1/2 completed LOs for Studio Azul...will post them soon as they get done.

for now, i'm sharing our FIRST ever sit-in, studio-shot family pictures. this took a looong time coming--about 20 years late! since we had our first baby, i have always asked hubby that we take some time to take annual "formal" family photos but there were so many excuses to put it off. i have much to thank Val Salmon for giving me a magnificent incentive to go ahead an do it -- the Kaya 8 challenge for December where we needed a family photo to do the greeting card sketch. it was also lucky that i passed by this cozy-looking photo studio called Pic-A-Boo at The Block as i was doing some last minute xmas shopping at Toy Kingdom. their rates are quite reasonable and there are no membership fees. the package for 3 5R shots cost just under PHP1000.00 with unlimited posing. they have a pretty cool studio and i saw lots of costumes that would probably make fun baby (and adult) shots.

i immediately made appointments --yes, now i have to make "appointments" with my damulags just to get them all together on the same day--with the kids and hubby for the 26th (or else!) it was also great family bonding time because we also had a blast posing and picking out the pics for printing. here are the results. too bad they don't sell the high resolution jpgs. we ended up with 2 packages because we liked so many of the shots!

guess which photo made it to a frame to be proudly displayed at the living room? :-D

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C70 said...

fun photos, Au!! Happy new year to you and to your lovely family!

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