Sunday, January 20, 2008


these LOs are now posted at the Studio Azul site so check 'em there as well so you can also take a peek at the cool and edgy January kit that's currently shipping.

this is a photo of my inaanak...cutie-pie 'no!...i asked Nita for a photo since i have few Christmas-sy ones. i really like big edge-to-edge pics because they make such huge impact but i had 2 problems. first was that this one was taken in a dimly lit place so enlarging it was a bit of a stretch. still, i think it was worth it for the cool shot so i went ahead and just did some photoshopping to make it suitable and enlarged it. next problem is that i have a regular A4 printer which means i can only do photos to about 11 inches. since this is a 12 by 12, my work-around was to print it in 2 segments. the splice is hidden by the green and red ribbon...nice tip, eh! btw, i think i was inspired here by one of the Pagemaps sketches though it was pretty subconscious...hahahah...i was surprised when i took a peek recently that it almost matches the first sketch! about a retentive memory that forgets all about it :-D

found this as a was looking for xmas pics to scrap. forgot to date it but this one was taken in December 2002. i really needed to scrap it because it was one of Reine's milestones. this one is a photo of the day we discovered her very first tooth. most of my kids gets their first teeth late so she is 10 months old here and was taken with a camera phone in all the excitement. it got lost among all the photos i have so i'm glad to finally find it and scrap it.

i used Radiant Rain shimmer spray here on the cardstock. i just love that product! i gives just about anything some glitz and pizzazz be it patterned paper, cardstock or even non-paper items! it really sticks and doesn't come off so you also have to be careful of overspray. some of my walls already glimmer. :-D

i think this is my favorite LO thus far. it makes me happy just by looking at it. this one will be framed and displayed and perhaps shelved in my scrapbook next year AFTER it gets replaced with a new family photo. i think from on, i am making it a family tradition: December 26 shall be Family-Photo Shoot-at-a-Studio Day.

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C70 said...

gorgeous pages, Au!! you do wonderful stuff with those kits! ;)

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