Tuesday, October 9, 2007

scrapfest 4 Xperience

truly an Xperience because scrapbooking-wise -- it was eXtreme! the day started out quite inanely with me carrying an absurd amount of luggage--1 big rolling suitcase, an overnight bag for my Cuttlebug, 2 shoulder totes, 1 bursting AMM tool tote and 1 big box with Simply Scrappy merchandise for Visual Creations. Tin was kidding the day before that we would probably look like donkeys and i think we did.

i was making a lot of friendly talk and having a good time meeting people i only see during events but nagging deep inside was a little fear for the upcoming face-off between the SMIdol participants. of course seeing some shopping goodies worked a long way in keeping my mind off my apprehension.

after lunch, we were called to settle. the contest was about to start. they passed us our mystery kits. Liz announced at the mic prior to this that she was expecting a loud squeal from me when we see our kits and i then understood why. the big lot of 12 by 12 clear acrylic sheets the Scrappin Moms ordered from me were to be used on us! it didn't occur to me then because April took down names and quantities at Scrapbukan's event so i thought this order was for them.

we were given 1 hr to plan and shop for the LO and 3 hrs to scrap it. this was my first time to do a project on a clear page ever even if this was a Simply Scrappy product because it was new. i haven't even launched it yet and the Scrappin Moms had the first order. so we had this kit that also contained 3 2sided patterned papers (PPS) 1 yellow flower, 4 eyelets and a strip of black adhesive fabric. my first reaction other than the surprise at the acrylic was thankfulness that the colors were oranges and greens. it was because i took a risk with the photos i brought to scrap. although i desaturated the colors making them more easy to blend with colored PPS, there was a prominent color, a reddish orange because of the santan flower. it was great that my photos will not clash with the PPs given to us.

my heavy luggage was not for naught after all because i was able to use the embellishments i brought along (laces, eyelets, ribbons and journaling cards). but the key tool i used for this particular project was my Crop-a-dile! ooooo...i can just kiss it! Pia said "...maximize the full creative potential of the acrylic"-- and because of the Cropadile, i was able to do that because this tool cuts through the acrylic! with a clear base (the acrylic), double sided PPS and eyelets in the kit, it occured to me that i can maximize the creative potential by using BOTH sides of the acrylic since the 2-sided paper will show through on the back side, too! the technique was to limit the use of glue and this was how the Cropadile was important. i would attach via eyelets so the backside will be clean. another challenge here was how to position everything such that the backside will be as utilitarian and pretty as the front side. it was NOT easy because there were positions that looked good in front but looked off at the back. but, again, it felt like a puzzle to me and that was the key to get me really going for it.

luckily, in good time, i was able to figure out the self-imposed puzzle. the pieces fell into place and i started assembling. the 3 hours went by so fast but i was able to glue down the last flower before time was up! i made it! i had low hopes of winning when Scrapfest started because i failed my practice LO time. this is why finishing was my ONLY personal goal (i felt it would be worse not to finish at all) and that being so, i already felt like a winner! the game was done for me right then already because i conquered my own weakness. i was so elated...and i had a back-to-back LO which made me proud of myself. here is my finished entry:

here is the front side...

...and this is the back side of the LO
the only things actually attached to this side is the picture,
the flowers and the blings. all the rest were from the front
showing through at the back

other than myself, i was soooooo proud of dearest friend Nita too! she even finished first among all of us. and this was a person who was almost as slow as i was! to top it off, her LO looked fabulous! right there and then i knew we both got what we went there for. we came. we saw (the kits). we conquered (ourselves). it cannot get much better than that!

when elimination time came, the fears came back all over again! and it was not because i was hoping to win any (i was already a winner in my book remember, no matter how the contest turns out) but the Scrappin Moms were so goooood at building suspense! they did the eliminations American Idol style with matching identical dialog "{names}, you are safe!"...aaarrrgghhh! so that's how it felt, standing on stage and being called this way! i tell you, it was emotional!

then when the final 3 were called and i was still standing there, i was floored! weeeee! that meant i had a secure prize to take home...hahahah! how's that for a capper to a wonderful day! Cabbie won the Grand Prize title and i couldn't be happier. she truly deserved it because all through out the rounds, she had great technique and outstanding layouts. not to mention that she is a very good friend and Friday night scrapmate. the other runner up is Tin, who is also a good friend and is someone i admire very much for her funny wit, sweet disposition and artistic talents. gosh, there's probably no better ending to this suspense-filled yet lovely day.

Pia kiddingly interviewing us why we should be the next idol

my fave shot of the day: the moment Cabbie wins! what a capture by Jeff Lopez

my great big bear hug from the IDOL!

the top 12 - segment 1

the top 12 - segment 2

"thesis defense": the scrappin moms asking as to explain our LO

the Picks of the Week awards

the Idol and Runners-Up with the Scrappin Moms

probably the only sad note to the whole exercise was that we had to say goodbye to a dear scrapper friend Joanne who is about to embark on a new life in Australia. i just have to console myself with the fact that the internet will at least be a way to keep in touch with her. Joanne is a visionary and celebrity in the local scrapbooking community and i know that even if she is far, she would probably still be making waves to "get the Filipinos on the scrapbooking map". indeed, if not for my fondness for Joanne, i would not even have joined the SMIdol challenges. i started out doing it for her but ended up doing it for myself and learning and overcoming my weaknesses along the way. and the best part of all is that i made friends and met more talented people who i would otherwise wouldn't have known had i been locked up in my own little scrapbooking world. but you see, this is how Joanne operates and touches other people. she is one true scrapbooking angel.

for sure, next year's Scrappin Moms Idol Challenge will be as exciting and knowing these ladies, they would probably outdo themselves. i shall be eagerly and happily watching the new batch then for sure. the Scrappin Moms will definitely take them for a great scrapping ride...and it's all so worth it.

photo credits: Jeff Lopez, Au Lim, Michelle Sonza

below are a recap of the LOs that got me to the finals. it can finally be posted.


Catherine said...

What a great layout, love everything about.

C70 said...

Hey, Au!!! Thanks for being so up-to-date with your blog posts, haha! I am now scrambling to read them all, now that I am so tied up at work, hahaha!!! BUT, I am really sooooo happy for you going through that marvelous experience and snagging a prize to boot! Will read your other entries and post comments pronto! (soon as I get the chance!) Hope to see you soon! Oh, I almost forgot, you did a great job on that page!

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