Sunday, October 28, 2007

cabin fever part1: joanne

2 days in the hospital with my dengue-stricken little boy is giving me a bad case of cabin fever. been wanting to do some blogging but unfortunately, the room where we are is too far from the wifi transmitters so i cannot connect to the net. fortunately, the computer occasionally picks up an unsecured transmitter and i can do some "sneaky" internet time.

the past week has some pretty steep highs and lows for me. one of the lows is being bummed out for not being able to see Joanne one last time before she shipped out to Australia. i was sick then and hubby wouldn't let me out. so to at least have some "Joanne" time that same day while all my friends were spending real time with her, i went to work on the project i intended to give her before she left. the Scrappin Moms had given out a bulletin that they were going to present her with an album of 8 by 8 layouts and anyone who wanted to send her off with one can submit on that day. since i wasn't able to work on it that week due to being sick, i thought that same day as the despedida party (where i was not at) was the best time to do it. it was the closest thing to a hug i could give her personally. i sent it later by mail.
it's an 8by8 clear acrylic which i hope she can hang somewhere in her new home (your new scraproom, maybe?). i felt it had to be an acrylic project so Joanne can clearly associate it with me :-D i put our 'together' picture hidden so she can decide to put it up without me being in the way.

hugs to you my dearest Joanne. i think you clearly remember how you have been instrumental in all things scrapbooking in my life -- from the time we met at Scrapfest 1 to my memorable SMI journey-- and how you fanned my scrapping addictions. no matter what i say, you know i don't regret a single moment of all that. soooo glad i met you. and even if you are far from me physically, i know the friendship will go on. maybe one of these days, i will give you a hug in person again.

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C70 said...

Hi, Au. Hope the wee one is out of danger now. That's a beautiful project! I am sure Joanne will treasure it!

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