Monday, October 29, 2007

cabin fever part 2: blue lady

not everything was all bad for me the past week. despite the lows (missing Joanne's despedida and my baby boy catching dengue), i think i hit a great big high, too--perhaps as high as they come scrapwise. i won the DT spot for Studio Azul! Ooooweee! so now i am officially a Blue Lady for the next 6 months. Nita was kidding me that the title doesn’t suit me at all. for one thing, hindi daw ako “lady”. secondly daw, my color is hardly the calm and serene blue. i am more of the “green” kind daw kasi...loka talaga itong bespren ko e.

i was hesitant at first in putting in an entry and i wasn’t sure if i had enough time to make the deadline. Mia and Tin were asking friends to join and when i got some messages from Tin and a call from Mia, i gave it serious thought. i realized also that i had a possible entry already almost done. there was this layout i haven’t posted yet that answers to their requirements. i just needed to tweak it a bit and it would be ready. i initially made it as an entry for the Kaya 5 challenge but it didn’t make the deadline. that was probably serendipitous. here it is.

i love it when i am able to use my scraps. although most papers here came from BG’s Infuse line, i also used here some Prima paper and K&Co scraps from previous projects.

Journaling reads:
The best things i admire most about my mother are her courage, her tenacity, and her dark head of hair. Despite being 73, she still has mildly salt and pepper hair which she does not even bother to dye. I certainly hope physical attributes as well as strength of character are genetically transmittable :-D

this stint is my first ever DT duty and, heck, am i ever so nervous! however, at the same time i am excited especially since Studio Azul's kits are oh, so yummy! i hope i do it justice. thanks so, so much Tin and Mia for giving me a chance. here is a blinkie i got from Tin. to borrow from my lookalike (ahem!), Paris H., "That's hot!"


Anna Zalamea said...

oh my goodness, Au!! Congrats on the DT spot!! (sorry I haven't checked the SE messages in must have been posted there). Your layout is beautiful! And you are so talented, so definitely no surprise you were picked. Way to go!

C70 said...

Au!!! Congrats again on snagging that spot!! I am sure you'll do wonders with the SA kits!!

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