Friday, October 12, 2007

inque me up!

the moment i set eyes on these babies, i knew i was doomed...i think they are next big thing in rubberstamps. why? these rubberstamps by Inque Boutique come in cuuute colors (not just the usual red or black): green, violet, pink, blue rubber colors AND they have an image index at the back so, even if they are not clear, when you mount them on acrylic blocks, you can approximate where your image will go. of course the ubiquitous clear stamps available these days are easier to position being ultra clear but i would prefer to invest my money on RUBBERstamps hearing that they actually last longer than the clear ones. oh, and speaking of money, these cool, cute, compact rubberstamps are CHEAPER too! how can it get better than that? Mitch retails the big ones for PHP600.00 each, the midsize ones are PHP175.00 and the small square ones are PHP50.00 each! you will definitely go home with more than one!

so yesterday, Nita and i lie in wait, ready to pounce, at the fresh shipment that we heard might arrive at Mitch's place. under threat of her life (haha!), we had instructed Mitch (owner of Visual Creations) to call or text as soon as they come. as soon as the text came, Nita and i flew!

these stamps are soooo worth it's price. don't forget to get your Simply Scrappy acrylic blocks, if you don't already have them, to mount these stamps. Mitch has those too. i suggest you run to the store now or you won't catch 'em. happy stamping!


C70 said...

Daya naman, Au! You didn't alert me right away :( Been wanting to get that narrative elements for the longest time as it seems to be out of stock elsewhere! Now, Mitch no longer has it either :(

Enjoy your new goodies! I have yet to play with my inque sets! Aren't they cool!

Tin said...

AHA!!! Kayo ni Nita pala ang salarin! I arrived at Mitch's a day too late, na pakyaw niyo na yata lahat hehehe


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