Thursday, October 4, 2007


this was probably the sound i made as i hit the floor after Lee broke the news to me. "Congrats Ms. POTW" she said"'re Ali's pick of the week!" well ok, i did not fall down (ma-drama lang ako...hehehe) but i could have, being as surprised as i was. good thing i was in the office because i have to keep some composure. besides, i was only half-believing it. i have no proof yet that Lee was not kidding.

i run to the computer to get into the Scrappin Moms Idol website but no matter how i refresh the page, it won't load the updated Pick of the Week section. i called Lee again to ask if she wasn't pulling my leg. So she read to me what the column says:

this previously concealed picture is now unblurred after SMIC finals 10/10/07

a few minutes later, YM messages from Cabbie, Mia and Sym popped up the screen and messages other friends came through the cell. only then did i really start believing it. it's funny how other (nonscrapbooking) people cannot grasp what my excitement was all about but it's quite a different feeling knowing an Ali Edwards actually read and picked my LO. {squeeeeee...} it was even more pleasing since i really didn't expect much. all the entries were magnificent. there was so much heart, so many funny and touching stories. besides, i knew that my LO was one a judge might either like a lot or hate a lot...hahaha..."non-traditional" as it was with its extra-long journaling and daring pictures. i guess this was really just the luck of the draw kind of thing. Makes it really worth going boldie though...ahikhikhik!

but seriously, just the comments i got from people who said they were inspired by it were quite a reward already. an LO like this is not something i would probably willingly share under other circumstances but if someone out there somewhere is moved by it or benefits from it, i think THAT is an even bigger reward!

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the dreamer said...

Au dearie, babatukan ko na kayo eh. Walang suwerte-suwerte dyan ok. Talent yan, my friend.

Pero, sige, if it'll make you feel better, sige na nga, may kasamang luck. Lucky si Ali Edwards kasi nalaman nya na magagaling ang mga Pinoy Scrapbookers, lalo na yung moderator namin! Yeba!

Congrats po, my friend. Truly an inspiring layout and to be acknowledged by no less than Ali Edwards, wow! You truly deserve it! Love yah!


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