Monday, October 8, 2007

fun at SE EB and Scrapbukan's sale

i do not always go to EBs without my friend Nita since she is usually my ride. Nita was not available that day but ever since i read in Scrapbukan's post on the PS and SE groups that they have the new BG papers in and they are out on sale at SE's EB, i just had to go! (peace my SE friends, of course i wanted to see you too!). i really only wanted to get the Obscure line but i just couldn't resist the Recess set. i finally went home with some loose Mellow papers too! i just couldn't resist taking advantage of the discount given to SMIdol participants. now, if only i could scrap fast enough to finish all of them.

i really enjoyed having the chance to mingle and get to know better some lovely people. there was a game where we were grouped into 5's (but in my group's case, only 3) and were asked to pose for pics. those pics were printed immediately and we were asked to group scrap it with some kits and embellishments we hunted down in another game. it was so much fun! i loved spending the time with some very nice ladies: Dinah, Ria's SIL, and although i already knew Karen Co, it was the first time we spent a longer time together. we even won 2nd place with our group LO. i never realized a group scrap was so much fun. here is our LO which we did in an hour.
thanks Dinah for sending me the pic. it was a great day with you guys. and thanks to Ria too for lending us her stamps and inks that day.

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